ZF’s three millionth electric motor has been produced, a technology used worldwide in electric vehicles

A global technology company, ZF covers a broad spectrum of vehicle electrification, from purely electrically powered passenger cars and plug-in hybrids to electric drives for commercial vehicles.
It says its recent production milestone of three million electric motors stands for a continuous reduction in the dependency on pure combustion engines, as well as for the successful transformation to electromobility.
The global demand for electric drives for passenger cars and commercial vehicles is increasing rapidly, therefore so are ZF’s production figures.
“Within just 18 months, ZF has doubled electric motor production from just under one and a half million to three million, ZF Head of the Electric Motors Product Line, Roland Hintringer, said.
“Thanks to highly automated, volume-flexible and modular systems, we are able to serve our global customers as required.”

Further innovations for more efficiency and range
The production figures and forecasts make it clear that ZF is successfully advancing the transformation towards electromobility.
“Our role as an innovator is also an important factor,” Roland said.
ZF has already announced that it will develop the magnetic-free electric motor I²SM – a separately excited synchronous machine with inductive energy transfer – for volume production.
It says that in contrast to the magnetic-free concepts available on the market today, the I²SM is uniquely compact and has the highest power and torque density.
ZF says it has also recently demonstrated the potential of its new developments for further efficiency and thus range gains in electromobility with the EVSys800 electric drive.
It states this prototype is 35 percent lighter than current electric drives and reduces CO2 emissions in production and operation by 20 percent.
Innovative stator winding technologies, a new cooling concept and the compact design make these major optimisation leaps possible.

Worldwide production locations
ZF produces electric motors at locations in Asia and Europe, with production facilities currently being installed in North America.
As a result, the global technology company serves the major automotive markets at the following locations: Hangzhou and Shenyang (China), Pančevo (Serbia), Schweinfurt (Germany), Trnava (Slovakia), Saltillo (Mexico), and Gray Court (USA).
The capacities of the electric motor production facilities at the existing production locations are currently being expanded in order to best support the customers’ ambitious sustainability and climate protection targets.

For further information on ZF in Oceania, and its products and services, please visit www.zf.com/au