The right tools for the job

Adrad explains that it not only stocks an extensive range of quality aftermarket engine cooling, air conditioning, service and repair parts, but also a variety of workshop tools and equipment to help with installation and servicing while also helping look after the technicians as they perform the work.
Having the right tools available makes completing each job easier and faster, while having the right personal equipment makes workers more comfortable and reduces the risk of fatigue and injury.
Adrad states that it sources its tools and equipment from reputable manufacturers, with a range to suit the needs of both large and small workshops.
From AC charging stations and belt service kits through to jump starters, gauges, hoses, hand tools and cleaning products – there’s something for everyone, says Adrad.
Adrad explains that the tool and equipment brands on offer in its range include well-respected names such as Javac, Ariazone, Johnson, Motovac, CPS, Autotar, Optibelt, Tridon, Victor Reinz, Holts, UView and many more.
For your cleaning, personal protective equipment and consumables, Adrad offers gloves, soaps, a range of specific part cleaning products, dyes, additives, degreasers and sanitiser products.
Radshop and Natrad Trade customers can browse the range of equipment and place their orders online.

To find out more about these products, speak with your local Adrad parts distributor or contact the Adrad Customer Service Team on 1800 882 043.

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