The new releases include a camshaft retaining plate and long crankshaft key

Aeroflow has recently expanded its inventory with a few new products, including a camshaft retaining plate, a long crankshaft key, a throttle cable bracket, a 31 Spline full spool, and aluminium half and full donuts.
The Aeroflow Performance camshaft thrust plate is designed to suit all GM LS engines and replaces the genuine GM part number GM12589016. These solid steel plates protect your engine investment by returning your timing gear alignment back to desired specs.
The thrust plate features an O-ring seal that is moulded onto the back of the plate with a new Viton O-ring included. These have counter sunk bolt holes, and the one time use T40 Torx Bit tapered bolts are included and also sold separately.
Aeroflow has also added a long crankshaft key to suit GM LS to its inventory. Worn crankshaft keys can lead to incorrect positioning between the timing gear and dampener, which can result in inconsistent timing.
The Aeroflow Performance crankshaft keys can replace a worn key. These crankshaft keys are designed to locate the crank sprocket on the nose of the crankshaft. These woodruff keys are manufactured to OEM specifications for quality and dimensions to ensure a proper fit.
The Aeroflow Performance 105mm throttle cable bracket is designed to suit the Aeroflow Performance 105mm cable throttle body (AF64-2270) and aftermarket 105mm 4-bolt throttle bodies, which are sold separately.
It allows for an easy install of the OE throttle cable to the throttle body. This throttle body bracket also allows for throttle pedal adjustment and/or the addition of a nitrous plate.
Another new product from Aeroflow is a Ford 9” 31 Spline full spool, which is designed to give needed traction by locking the axle shafts together, forcing the rear tyres to turn at the same speed.
This eliminates the gear failure caused by case deflection or differential side-gear failure. This lightweight steel spool weighs only 6.1 lbs (2.76kg) and is designed to suit 3.062” bore Ford 9” case.
Aeroflow also offers aluminium half and full donuts, now available in 2.75”.
Premium T6063 grade aluminium donuts from Aeroflow Performance are primarily used for tight/compact installations that require custom application for tight bends and corners. The donut can be cut at any degree of bend needed. These donuts have a thick 2mm wall and are sold either by the half or complete full donuts that are welded on the outside only.

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