After 20 years of Meyle HD, Meyle continues to successfully optimise spare parts

The long-standing family-run business Meyle has reason to celebrate – it has been 20 years since the Hamburg-based spare parts specialist developed the first technically refined Meyle HD part, triggering a revolution in the independent aftermarket.
Since then, the Meyle engineers have worked day in, day out, to identify new ways of making OE parts longer-lasting, more reliable and more sustainable.
In keeping with this pioneering spirit and to mark the 20th anniversary of the HD product line, Meyle began to produce its Meyle HD steering and suspension solutions carbon-neutrally for the first time this year.
Meyle says that for its business, manufacturing means to always improve and to create the perfect spare part.
It says that because of this, a comprehensive process of six clear steps it calls the Meyle HD principle are called for, as follows:

  1. Identification – looking closely: every optimisation process for a new product begins with an analysis of the relevant OE part and any possible premature failures. This involves 3D technology and close examinations at the Meyle quality laboratory by means of specially developed test procedures.
  2. Definition – thinking in terms of perfect solutions: elaborate simulations are used to determine whether there is a recurring problem and to identify the cause of the OE-part failure. Possible solutions are then determined and turned into precise specifications for the Meyle HD part.
  3. Development – making it better: development of the HD part starts on the basis of the specifications. The engineers work on the part until a solution is found that lives up to the Meyle experts’ high standards.
  4. Prototype – being thrilled: the development phase is followed by the highlight for any Meyle engineer, which according to Meyle Head of Steering and Suspension, Stefan Bachmann, is “when, after identifying a weak point, researching the causes, development work and numerous tests, we have succeeded in holding a first prototype in our hands, it is something special for us every time. In the end, these are exactly the moments for which we give our best every day.”
  5. Production – doing it ourselves: only once comprehensive quality tests have been conducted under realistic conditions, the experts know whether a Meyle HD part is ready for mass production. All Meyle HD steering and suspension parts are manufactured by SIO automotive, the company’s own production site. Out of conviction, the manufacturer unconditionally offers a four-year guarantee* on all Meyle HD parts.
  6. Launch – continuing to think: once a new Meyle HD product has been rolled out, Meyle says its optimisation process does not end as potential improvements and future challenges are precisely what drive and inspire Meyle.

For 20 years, with every new Meyle HD part, Meyle says it has been realising its aspiration to develop perfect as well as durable solutions for its customers and to be the “DRIVER’S BEST FRIEND”.
Throughout, Meyle says it has had its eye on the environment and on future requirements and so workshops, partners and customers can rest assured that the Meyle engineers will not stop until they have found the perfect solution.
For more information, visit www.meyle.com/guarantee.pdf