The new B5455 offers improved performance and functionality

Aeroflow Performance is adding a new product to its current range of Boosted B5455 turbochargers.
The new internal wastegate turbocharger is designed to be a bolt on upgrade option for Nissan Skylines and Holden VLs with T3 .82 rear housing and a standard low mount turbo manifold.
It comes with a Ford XR6 5 bolt dump pipe flange, which works well with the Aeroflow Performance Ford XR6 to V-Band Adapter.
This converts the five-bolt flange to a three-inch V-Band to help fabricate a new exhaust. The internal wastegate rear housing is capable of clearing the factory manifold since it is 20mm longer above the T3 flange mounting plate.
The B5455 is rated up to 660 engine horsepower, making it ideal for smaller engine displacements from 2L up to 3.5L.
The nine-blade turbine wheel is made from a super alloy called Inconel, which helps to maintain strength through prolonged exposure to extremely high exhaust gas temperatures.
Compared to the first generation 5455, this model has greater top end power, reduced weight, and a less restrictive flow of exhaust gasses that exit out the rear housing more efficiently.
The Boosted B5455 features a Point Milled Billet compressor wheel that is made from 7075 aluminium.
While the majority of turbochargers have a smooth surface finish known as flank milling, this model has point milling. This involves a complicated process where the CNC tool is brought over the compressor blade in multiple passes.
This results in increased flow and reduced exducer tip speed, which allows the turbo to spool faster. The end product is a much more efficient turbocharger with flow increased up to 15-35 percent depending on each size compressor wheel.
The B5455 is a dual ceramic ball bearing cartridge designed to extend the turbo lifespan and improve the shaft balance.
The design reduces the amount of oil needed for adequate lubrication, which also reduces the possibility of seal leakage.
The ball bearing cartridge features an external restrictor, and each turbocharger comes with a turbo oil feed fitting with a 1mm restrictor inside.
There are also two water ports on each side of the turbocharger’s core, which can help when installing water lines in compact areas. Water cooling lengthens the turbocharger’s life and improves the mechanical durability.
The Boosted B5455 internal wastegate turbocharger is available for immediate shipping from Aeroflow.

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