Brake products for your hard-working 4WD and pick-up vehicle

In this modern era, vehicles are larger and capable of carrying and towing more weight, but not all are equipped for the diverse demands of adventurers and tradies using heavy haulers and work vehicles.
Disc Brakes Australia (DBA) says this is where it steps in, providing solutions that meet and exceed the needs of both 4WD adventurers and professionals alike.
As road conditions and vehicle capabilities evolve, so too do the expectations for performance, safety, and reliability.
DBA’s Upgrade Performance range is designed to address these needs comprehensively, offering a ‘one-stop shop’ for all 4WD requirements.
Whether navigating uncharted terrain or handling heavy loads, DBA says its products ensure superior performance and peace of mind for all drivers.
Included in this new range is the Dual Diaphragm Brake Booster, designed specifically for selected 4WD models that often suffer from inadequate braking capabilities.
DBA explains this advanced component significantly enhances braking power while reducing the effort required by the driver.
It states the benefits are immediately apparent: a reduction in required pedal pressure, increased braking efficiency by up to 20 percent, and notably improved emergency stopping distances.
Constructed from powder-coated steel, the Dual Diaphragm Brake Booster is a direct bolt-in replacement for original equipment, ensuring easy installation with minimal downtime.
It is compatible with both the original master cylinder and DBA’s Street Series master cylinders, offering flexibility for various setups. Furthermore, the booster is ADR-certified, ensuring it meets the rigorous standards for safety and performance.
DBA says its innovative approach doesn’t stop at brake boosters, noting the introduction of its Upgrade Performance kits marks a significant milestone in its product range, starting with a bespoke kit for the next generation Ford Ranger.
This kit is engineered to deliver unparalleled braking performance and reduced stopping distances, with DBA stating it is a “game-changer” for this popular vehicle.

Key to the kit’s performance are the six-piston calipers, which drastically reduce pedal effort by up to 60 percent.
DBA says this translates to smoother, more responsive braking that instils confidence in drivers, particularly in emergency situations.
The inclusion of the Kangaroo Paw rotor vane design further enhances cooling properties, preventing brake fade even under the most demanding conditions.
The T3 slot design, coupled with XP friction level pads, ensures low brake fade and high bite, providing consistent performance and reliability.
Stainless steel braided hoses enhance resistance to heat and pressure, maintaining performance integrity and longevity.
The entire kit is designed to fit within the 17” OE wheels, making a wheel change optional. Like the Dual Diaphragm Brake Booster, the kit is fully ADR-approved, and caliper mounting brackets are supplied where applicable, simplifying the upgrade process.
DBA says its commitment to innovation and quality is evident in every aspect of the Upgrade Performance range.
By addressing the specific needs of modern vehicles and drivers, DBA says it not only meets but often exceeds expectations, setting new standards in automotive braking technology.
In an era where vehicle demands are higher than ever, DBA says it has proven itself as a leader in providing comprehensive braking solutions for both adventurers and professionals.
DBA says the introduction of the Dual Diaphragm Brake Booster and the bespoke Upgrade Performance kit demonstrates its unwavering commitment to enhancing safety, performance, and reliability.
These products are designed using DBA’s staple technologies in disc rotors and brake pads to tackle the challenges faced by modern 4WD vehicles, ensuring drivers can control their vehicles with confidence and ease.
By continuously meeting the rigorous standards of today’s automotive landscape, DBA says it solidifies its position as a go-to source for top-tier braking technology, making every journey safer and more efficient.

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