Providing one solution for all transmission types

Rislone Trans Fix is a synthetic-blend treatment that restores older and high mileage transmission performance, and resolves common transmission issues in a wide variety of automatic and manual transmissions.
It is formulated with premium seal conditioners which work with all types of transmission fluids and rejuvenates seals, restoring their performance to stop leaks, and prevent future leaks.
Further, Rislone says the extreme pressure and anti-wear agents provide better metal-to-metal friction properties to stop slipping, jerking, hard shifting, chatter, and shudder, which improves shift feel, delivers better driving comfort, and extends the life of your transmission.
Meanwhile, premium cleaning detergents and performance additive boosters renew worn bands, controls, improves fluid, disperses sludge and varnish from moving metal parts, ensuring they perform smoothly.
Rislone Trans Fix is safe to use on regular automatic (step, overdrive transmission, 2WD, 4WD, AWD), CVT (continually variable transmission), eCVT (electronic continually variable transmission), DCT (dual clutch transmission), ECT (electronically controlled transmission), manual and transaxle applications.
Rislone notes that transmissions are notoriously expensive to fix when there is noise, rough shifting and slipping issues, and the newer the technology, the bigger the expense when it comes to fixing the transmission.
It states that with regular maintenance and adding Rislone Trans Fix when you first experience any symptoms, you can extend the lifecycle of your transmission, and reduce the likelihood of an expensive repair bill.
Rislone says its Trans Fix is the first transmission additive formulated to work in all types and colours of transmission fluid.
It starts working the minute you install and start driving your vehicle, and Rislone says results are noticeable within 400kms or three days of driving.

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