Proudly Australian owned and operated, Tridon has been manufacturing in Australia since 1976

Tridon explains that it is a proud Australian manufacturer which has been producing high quality automotive products in its state-of-the-art facility in Sydney since 1976.
After more than 45 years, Tridon continues to be a fully Australian owned and managed company.
Originally operating from its branch and warehouse facilities in the main capital cities, Tridon now has an expanded branch network covering the Northern Territory, Far North Queensland and Tasmania.
In 1986, Tridon incorporated a wholly owned subsidiary in New Zealand, with warehouse facilities on the North and South Islands.
Tridon has continued to develop its automotive, industrial and hardware range and now has a comprehensive product mix that is sold to domestic markets in Australia and New Zealand, whilst its manufactured products are exported to many countries around the world including Japan, North America, Asia and the Middle East.
In addition to its facilities in Australia, Tridon has established manufacturing and distribution capabilities in both Malaysia and Birmingham, England.

Australian manufacturing
Manufacturing in Australia has given Tridon many unique opportunities. It says that while some Australian manufacturers have lost the battle competing against cheaper imports, Tridon has been able to successfully manage the entire supply chain from design and production through to warehousing, distribution and after sales support.
Tridon has recently invested heavily in new equipment and machinery to align with the latest technologies in fastener manufacturing. This move will ensure Tridon has a far greater level of self-sufficiency in areas previously reliant upon outsourced components, typically from overseas.
One of Tridon’s business strategies is to produce a full range of hose clamps, with fast delivery to customers of outstanding quality products.

Tridon says its history in manufacturing components for the automotive industry has led to its hose clamps becoming the benchmark in Australia and New Zealand.
Initially Tridon hose clamps were supplied to Australian OEM automotive companies (ie Ford and GMH). But Tridon quickly expanded its hose clamp customer base to include other industries such as the automotive aftermarket, industrial and hardware markets.
In more recent years Tridon’s customer has again further expanded into the areas of defence and aerospace, medical products, food markets, marine, mining, agricultural, irrigation industries and clean energy.
Manufacturing in Australia has also enabled Tridon to adapt to changing market conditions by providing tailored solutions for local market requirements.
In-house engineers use the latest technology to design innovative solutions for customers who have a particular need for a specially designed product. Tridon is able to design and build hose clamps for complex fastening and sealing requirements.

Sustainable management
Tridon explains that it is committed to sustainable manufacturing and operations.
Recent improvements such as the upgrade of sites with solar panels mean Tridon’s manufacturing facility and adjacent Distribution Centre and Office HQ are all operated on 70 percent of Tridon’s own generated power.
Tridon is also committed to energy efficiency, with recent improvements and upgrades in machinery delivering a 30 percent reduction in electricity consumption during the manufacturing process.
Further, all of Tridon’s operational practices are AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004 environmentally accredited.
Recently awarded two separate government grants for manufacturing efficiency upgrades and manufacturing machinery upgrades, Tridon is currently an ongoing public case study for achievement in manufacturing efficiency through the NSW Government Manufacturing Energy Saver Program which followed energy infrastructure projects of VSD Compressors, covering the roof in Solar Arrays and inverters, LED lighting and smart distribution board upgrades.

Passionate about quality, Tridon says it is committed to maintaining international standards in quality management, safety and environmental systems.
Annually audited against ISO9001 and ISO14001, Tridon has recently upgraded safety management from AS4801/OHSAS18001 to the new ISO45001 International Standard.
Further, Tridon explains that it has invested heavily in manufacturing in Australia designing innovative products to world class standards, with its facility featuring fully automated machinery designed and built by its in-house team of engineers.

Product range and customer service
Tridon has a broad and diverse range of premium automotive products to support the aftermarket.
When Tridon launches a new range, it explains this is not done half-heartedly, with its goal being to offer a complete solution, with an extensive depth and breadth of range to not only meet but exceed customer expectations.
The advancement in vehicle design, along with the influx of many new makes and models requires continuous market research.
Tridon says it prides itself on providing the most up to date vehicle applications and programs to ensure maximum market coverage.
Developed over many decades, Tridon explains that its comprehensive vehicle listings and detailed product information ensure correct product selection.
The automotive product range includes hose clamps, wiper blades, thermostats and gaskets, automotive caps, engine management components including ignition coils and vehicle sensors, heater fan resistors and flashers and relays.

Tridon also owns and manages Toledo specialty tools, Matson battery accessories and Sykes-Pickavant premium workshop tools.
Brands distributed exclusively in Australia by Tridon include leading German manufacturers Knipex and Rennsteig, as well as HIT, Metrinch and Bikeservice.
Tridon says all brands are synonymous with quality and feature extensive tool and accessory ranges, with Tridon striving to continuously source, develop and offer new and improved products that are better to work with and easier to use.
With branch and warehouse facilities in 10 key locations around Australia and New Zealand, Tridon also ensures products are close to customers for faster delivery, as well as providing local customer service support.
It prides itself on having a strong understanding of the market it services, state of the art manufacturing and packaging equipment, strong production planning and highly trained, loyal staff.

A long relationship with the AAAA
Tridon has participated in the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo for over 40 years with a large stand showcasing its recent developments, noting that this is an excellent event providing extensive networking opportunities for the industry.
It was also with immense pride that Richard Lennox, Tridon’s since retired Managing Director, was acknowledged with the AAAA’s Hall of Fame award in 2011.
Tridon was also awarded the AAAA Certificate of Achievement for Excellent Manufacturing in 2022.
Tridon says it values its long-term association and membership with AAAA, noting it has kept its team up to date with emerging industry trends and cutting-edge developments in the automotive market while also providing strong interaction and connection with other industry members.

For more information, visit or contact Tridon on 1300 362 263.