ASV Euro Car Parts is working hard to meet demand

The market for electric vehicles is ever-growing and evolving. On the back of the recent news that the ACT government is set to ban sales of petrol and diesel cars by 2035, and rising fuel costs, market demand is only set to increase.
With this increase of EVs and in particular Teslas on the roads, so too does the demand for quality aftermarket options, especially for commonly replaced parts such as steering and suspension.
In 2020, ASV Euro Car Parts’ executive team made a decision to diversify the company’s current offering and expanded from being a one stop shop for European cars to introduce the Tesla brand to the suite of vehicles they source and supply quality parts for.
ASV explains that it has long term, established relationships with most of the mechanics and smash repairers who are now Tesla approved and trained, stating they knew the customer demand was increasing.
But ultimately, ASV says it decided to start dismantling and working with Tesla because they first and foremost represent the same qualities as European cars.
“It is undeniable that the world is moving towards electric vehicles. Volvo, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Porsche are all heading in this direction,” ASV Euro Car Parts Chief Executive Officer, Vic Soghomonian, said.
“Tesla just happens to be leading the way and as we are industry leaders too, we want to be on the front foot of the EV revolution and have the stock and solutions for our customers.
“Genuine Tesla parts are hard to come by. ASV is currently dismantling and selling pre-used parts from a number of ELV Tesla’s each month, however, there is demand for new parts as well which is why we have sourced aftermarket Tesla parts to offer cost effective options and alternative solutions to the dealership network.
“With our expert product and purchasing team and quality assurance processes, we have secured quality aftermarket brands to supply Tesla parts including Brembo, ASV Airbags and OSSCA.”
Testament to this quality, ASV says it is offering a two year guarantee on these brands and parts.
ASV currently has in stock a large range of new control and suspension arms from OSSCA which all come with a two-year guarantee, as well as brakes from Brembo Brakes.
It also has shock absorbers with a two-year or 60,000km warranty from its own ASV Airbags brand which are suitable for Tesla.
As the largest seller of new and used European parts, ASV says it has the delivery network and stock available to provide customers with competitively priced, quality Tesla aftermarket parts with an express delivery service Australia-wide.

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