With a recent report, Savvy looked into the current state of EV charging infrastructure and what is planned for the future

With EV sales making up a small 1.6 percent of all new vehicle registrations in 2021, one of the most cited reasons that people are reluctant to take up electric vehicles is a lack of charging infrastructure.
A research report by online broker Savvy utilising March 2022 data from the Electric Vehicle Council of Australia sought to answer questions such as, how many public charging stations are there in Australia? How many are planned for the future? Where are they now, and where will they be located?

How many public charging stations are there in Australia?
Note that the number of public charging locations does not reflect the number of individual charging points.
There may be many points at one location.
• Fast charging – as of January 2022, there are 293 fast charging locations around Australia. This represents an increase of 85 percent since August 2020 (157). Unsurprisingly, the distribution of these stations matches the population density of each respective state.
• Regular charging – as of January 2022, there are 1,580 regular charging stations in Australia. This represents an increase of 29 percent since August 2020 (1219) This also matches population density, though WA with 202 is an outlier.

Finding charging stations
The EV community has pitched in to help fellow drivers by providing a free cross-platform app called PlugShare.
PlugShare allows users to find charging stations in Australia and worldwide, map new ones and share their EV activity with other enthusiasts.
Google has already rolled out an EV charging station finder in the United Kingdom and United States, with countries such as Australia and New Zealand to follow.

The future of charging
State and federal governments are supporting the rollout of additional fast charging stations around Australia.
The Electric Vehicle Council, based on estimates of funding from state and federal governments, says that 700 new fast charging locations will be added across Australia over the next five years.
Each location will have multiple charging points to accommodate many vehicles.
Other state government programs will increase the density of fast charging equipment currently in use, so more cars can take advantage of charging at the same time.

To learn more by viewing the full survey report, visit www.savvy.com.au