The most advanced driving lights ARB has ever created

ARB explains that its Intensity IQ driving light has been developed from the ground up, with performance front of mind, whilst delivering a design that complements modern vehicle styling and bar work.
Packed with features, the Intensity IQ is said to set a new level of driving light composition and useability.
Incorporating a unique four-optic design of LEDs (Super Spot, Spot, Flood and Midrange), ARB says this provides virtually unlimited choice of light beams to suit any road condition, allowing for user customisation to suit individual needs.
The Super Spot and Spot optics, based on free-form reflector technology, produce an even spot beam for extended distance illumination.
The Flood optic has a specially designed lens to maximise the light spread for excellent foreground visibility, while the Midrange optic employs a conventional parabolic reflector to illuminate the midrange area.
Furthermore, the beam pattern of each of the two lights can be independently adjusted allowing users to run any combination of LED design.
ARB says its Intensity IQ driving lights offer a new and innovative user interface, allowing the user to monitor, adjust and configure the light settings through the Intensity IQ Onboard Control Switch, which is customisable via the ARB Intensity IQ app (available via the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android) or the ARB Linx.

ARB explains that this provides a tailor-made approach to driving lights; with full control at the user’s fingertips, and as such, states that the ARB Intensity IQ driving lights are truly adaptable to all driving conditions.
These lights allow you to do more than just see clearly on the road, it says, stating that ARB Intensity IQ driving lights come feature packed including courtesy and work light attributes.
Courtesy lighting allows users to receive temporary light from their vehicle after the ignition is turned off to ensure safe vehicle exit.
Work light turns on the IQ lights without the vehicle high beam trigger, allowing users to continue working in dark environments. All features are fully customisable with the app.
The ARB Intensity IQ driving lights are $1,995 (Australian East Coast Metro) and will be available from late November.
With one driving light that “does it all,” ARB says Intensity IQ are the most advanced driving lights ARB has ever created.
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