With Nacho Driving Lights

ARB 4×4 Accessories says it has partnered with Nacho Offroad Technology to “shake up the off road lighting market and provide products that are tough, innovative and flexible to customers across the globe.”
The unique sizing of the Nacho range reportedly allows mounting locations on your rig to stretch as far as your imagination.
Whether it is a bar, rack, pillar, or custom mounts; Nacho says it distinguishes itself in putting control back into your hands and allowing you to mount the light where you want.

Introducing the Nacho Quatro
Nacho explains it has developed the Quatro to be a cutting-edge lighting solution that elevates your adventure, providing “unparallelled performance in a durable and compact package.”
Whether navigating through rugged terrain, executing recovery operations, or simply illuminating your surroundings, Nacho says the Quatro delivers.
Options include Spot (Off Road – everyday use); Flood (Off Road – wide area beam – crawling); Spot Flood Combo (all-rounder); SAE Fog/Spot Combo White (fog replacement compliant in some markets); and SAE Fog/Spot Combo Amber (fog replacement compliant in some markets).

Key features and benefits:

  • Multi-function: the Nacho Quatro allows you to switch between multiple functions in the single light. You can control the light with a low power output which engages the lower LEDs or a high-power output, which operates the light with all six LEDs.
  • Body design: experience the industry’s first Forced Induction light designed for optimal performance. Engineered to maximise airflow, it channels air through the front of the light and efficiently exhausts it out the back, ensuring optimal cooling for enhanced performance. The housing is made of polycarbonate and is easily removable and is available as a spare part so is also replaceable.
  • TRL (Trail Running Light): the TRL is a game-changer for off road enthusiasts seeking enhanced visibility and safety on the trail. This unique feature provides a low power mode that creates a captivating glow effect, ensuring you’re seen by oncoming vehicles without blinding them. Designed with versatility in mind, the TRL can be independently triggered, allowing you to wire it to a single switch or seamlessly integrate it with your factory running lights.
  • Polycarbonate covers: included with the light are a pair of amber and smoke covers, easily installed by removing the front bezel and placing the cover in its grooves, then snapping the bezel back on the front of the light. Made out of polycarbonate material, the covers are another level of protection or a quick way to change the light’s output colour.
  • J575 vibration rated: the Quatro is engineered with J575 vibration rating, ensuring exceptional durability and performance on even the most punishing trails.
  • Impact resistant: Quatro lights are engineered with impact-resistant lenses and covers made from polycarbonate. Durability has been achieved through rigorous tests, including 5g impact drop tests and real-life rock roosting to withstand the toughest conditions. Nacho lights have also been Baja and KOH tested, meeting the high standards of the most demanding off road environments.
  • Built in America: Nacho Offroad Technology handles everything in-house; engineering, testing, building, packaging, and shipping all products from the Mesa, Arizona Nacho location.
  • Crafted with both utility and flair in mind, Nacho says the sleek four-inch pod design of the Quatro redefines traditional off road lighting.

ARB and Nacho invite you to set yourself apart and draw attention to your vehicle with its captivating aesthetics, all while revelling in its unmatched performance.
Engineered to withstand the harshest off road environments, ARB and Nacho state this light combines robust construction with superior lighting capabilities.
A pair of Nacho Quatro lights are available to order now for $749 (Australian East Coast Metro).

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