Capricorn Society Group CEO David Fraser says, if the responses received in the third annual State of the Nation report are anything to go by, you probably are.

David Fraser Group CEO – Capricorn Society Ltd

Almost 2,000 Capricorn Members across Australia and New Zealand took part in this year’s survey and two-thirds of respondents said they were either extremely or very happy with their careers in automotive.
Once again, making customers happy was the top positive given for working in the automotive industry, with the satisfaction gained from solving problems a close second and a passion for auto coming in third.
Above everything else State of the Nation tells us this year (and, believe me, the results this year are extremely revealing), it is the data around happiness that I find most reassuring.
With all the challenges we face — from finding qualified staff to shortages of spare parts to COVID-related absenteeism to the switch to electric vehicles — it’s always good to know the overwhelming mood in the industry is positive.
Confidence has also grown since last year, with significantly more people (four percent more than 2021) saying they were either very or extremely confident in their business’s future.
This is especially important considering the period of transition we’re entering as an industry. The challenges I listed above are growing. But it’s the long-term structural changes ahead of us that may challenge us most.
This year’s State of the Nation has lots of fascinating insights and data we hope you’ll find useful and informative, so be sure to keep an eye out for it later this year.

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