mycar is ready to make sure your brakes are ready for your next 4WD adventure

Australians love a bit of 4WDing, and with plenty of diverse tracks in easy reach of our cities, it is always worth the drive to see what nature has to offer.
So, whether it’s Wheeny Creek, Watagans, Wombeyan Caves or wherever, you have always got somewhere to go on the weekend.
That is why it is important to make sure your ride is always in good nick, ready to tackle whatever you have in store for it.
This is especially true for your brakes – your car’s brake system is the most important safety system in your car, giving you control of the vehicle and letting you stop gradually or suddenly, keeping everyone safe.
If your brakes are sounding like a choir of singing cats, it is important these are checked by a qualified technician.
They will make sure that you are back on the road with confidence.
A spongey feeling, taking longer to slow, and a brake light flashing are all common problems that mycar technicians deal with daily.
mycar says its experienced technicians can conduct a comprehensive inspection of your car’s braking system components and can advise you on any necessary brake repair service items.
It states its inspections include but are not limited to looking for a spongey brake pedal, low brake fluid levels, and uneven wear on brake pads and brake rotors.
mycar recommends you always perform a brake system check when planning long road trips, or some off-roading.
It says this ensures the best possible car performance and safety.
The company says it uses only the most trusted brands, such as Bendix for parts, and all work is backed by the mycar “industry-leading” Australia-wide guarantee.
mycar also states it knows brake pads aren’t something you love to get fixed, but it is necessary for your safety.
That’s why it offers brakes for life – when you come into mycar and buy any set of brake pads, you receive replacement brake pads, for the life of your car, for free (terms and conditions apply).
“Remember, a strong rig is your best defence against bush breakdowns! So, before you take off, stop by your local mycar and ensure your brakes, and your tyre pressure is up to scratch,” says mycar.

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