mycar Tyre and Auto was awarded for its innovative community impact program at the recent Australian Auto Aftermarket Excellence Awards

The Most Innovative Community Impact Program recognises those in our industry who have made a positive contribution to the community.
Judging focused on the submitted project’s ability to have made a positive difference to the lives of individuals and communities through provision of access to resources or opportunities; improved awareness or education of the community about important issues/encouragement of action on these issues; or improved health or quality of life for both individuals and/or specific communities.
A number of entries were considered by the judging panel, who made the decision to reward mycar Tyre and Auto for its Movember campaign.

Movember aims to make a difference in the lives of the fathers, brothers, partners, sons, friends, colleagues and all the other men in our lives. Its focus is to educate and equip people to help men live longer, happier, healthier lives.
mycar Tyre and Auto has been involved in Movember as part of its health and wellbeing focus nationally since 2018.
Over the course of its involvement, mycar Tyre and Auto has launched a number of team-focused initiatives – such as the “two-hour health break,” an opportunity for team members to go have a health check that they’ve been putting off.
“We’ve had great feedback from team members who discovered health issues they weren’t aware of… in a couple of instances, we’ve been told that we saved someone from a serious health incident,” mycar Tyre and Auto Managing Director,
Adam Pay, said.
“While the primary focus of our involvement in Movember has been to improve the health and wellbeing of our team, there has always been an overflow to our team members’ friends and families.”
In 2023, mycar made all of its activities a little bigger and better and added an exciting new element, the mycar mocar Movember e-relay.
“Throughout November, we drove a Movember/mycar branded BYD Atto 3 down the east coast of Australia to raise awareness and funds for Movember,” Adam explains.
“The intent was twofold: provide our teams with an opportunity to experience driving an electric car and spread the message of Movember far and wide.
“We also wanted to challenge the concerns of Australian motorists that an electric vehicle was not suitable in an Australian context.”

The mocar travelled from Brisbane, to Melbourne, via Sydney, collecting waves from the community as it traversed the east coast, and signatures from mycar team members as they pledged their support for Movember.
“We shared stories about finding chargers along the way to keep the mocar moving, and the occasional challenge where the infrastructure hadn’t quite kept up with demand,” Adam said.
“Nonetheless the mocar did not need to access any of the emergency plans we’d put in place, and built a lot of confidence in our team, their families and our customers that it is not only possible to own and run an EV, it is also a load of fun.
“While the car was a talking point, it helped us to kick off conversations about improving our health and wellbeing.”
With over 2500-plus ​kilometres travelled, over 30-plus hours, and 30-plus stores visited, there was a great deal of community engagement along the way.​
“In addition to the street presence, we also created short video clips which were shared on LinkedIn documenting each day of the two week journey,” Adam said.
“As well as being a fun glimpse into the mycar mocar e-relay, it provided an opportunity to spread the Movember message more widely and received some great feedback.”
Car and Mo Shows marked the beginning, middle and end of our e-relay and for the first time ever, Car and Mo Shows were held across five states – a mycar record.
In addition, on Black Friday, mycar held a Black Tyre Day/Black Tie Day with the mycar team wearing suits, ties and crazy shirts to work, all to raise awareness and funds for Movember.
Some stores held fundraising barbeques for customers to raise awareness and additional funds for Movember and for every team member who wore a suit, tie or crazy shirt, mycar donated funds to Movember.
The last component of mycar’s Movember campaign was the team member mo growing and fundraising.
“In 2023, we had 120 mycar mo bros and mo sisters committing to raising funds as part of team mocar. These individuals raised awareness and funds via their own social media profiles and via family and friends,” Adam said.
To help aid these conversations, all 1600 of our team members received a Men’s Health Schedule magnet for themselves or a loved one. Set out like a vehicle’s service schedule, the magnet outlined what the recommended health checks were for different age brackets. Again, these were a great conversation piece.
“In total, team mocar had countless, important conversations all focused on men’s health. Generous mycar team members, friends and family helped raise funds and awareness for an important cause – to make a difference in the lives of our fathers, brothers, partners, sons, friends, colleagues and all the other men in our lives. In 2023, we raised close to $30,000 for Movember to continue their important work,” Adam said.

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