Penrite has been Australian owned and operated for 96 years

The Penrite Oil Company was born out of humble beginnings some 96 years ago in St Kilda, Melbourne.
The business was the brainchild of Les Mecoles who owned and operated the company until 1979, when it was purchased by John and Margaret Dymond.
The Dymond family still own and are actively involved in the business now as it heads towards its 100th birthday in 2026.
During its last century of business, Penrite has lived through the birth and death of the Australian car industry, a world war, depressions and recessions, pandemics, boom periods, 24 Prime Ministers,
49 Bathurst 1000s, the birth of computers and the internet as well as many other world-wide events.
Today, Penrite is the oldest Australian lubricant company servicing Australia and New Zealand whilst exporting product to Europe, Asia and the USA.
It manufactures and markets engine oils, automatic transmission fluids, gear and differential oils, coolants, greases, heavy duty oils, hydraulic and industrial oils, farm and construction products, two and four stroke and garden equipment oils, fuel treatments and additives, car care, motorcycle and marine products, veteran vintage and classic products, brake fluids and power steering and suspension fluids.
Penrite also owns and markets the iconic Lightning Cleans Brand that was established in 1962.
Penrite’s success is partly due to the fact that apart from producing the highest quality, world class products, it remains Australian owned and operated.

Aussie manufacturing meeting increasing demand
Whilst many other companies and industries have chosen to move manufacturing overseas, Penrite Oil has continued to invest in local manufacturing and production, employing Australians to produce its products right here in Australia – something it has been doing since 1926.
In 2016, Penrite built an entirely new blending and distribution facility at its Dandenong South Head Quarters in Melbourne, installing state of the art blending machinery and packaging facilities to streamline the production process for its lubricants.
The increasing demands for product have led to increases in raw material and finished goods inventory, which have increased by over 400 percent in the last five years.
The Dandenong South facility is about to be expanded even further in size and will be enhanced with the introduction of new and advanced machinery to improve product quality and volume to meet the ever-rising demands of its customers.

The local advantage
Being an Australian owned and operated manufacturer, Penrite can blend products for local supply and not have to wait years for products to catch up and arrive from an overseas parent company.
Penrite has always continued to innovate and is an established leader in being first in getting products to market in this country.
Time and time again, Penrite has been able to introduce the newest and latest specifications of products to the trade and retail sectors, sometimes years ahead of its competition.
Penrite product ranges such as Enviro+ were the first introduced to Australia for modern fuel efficient, low emission engines that met international OEM approvals and standards.
The list of innovations continues with OEM approved coolants, specialised power steering and suspension fluids, ATFs, gear oils, greases and additives.
Penrite has also been able to supply the trade and retail sectors with products that meet and exceed manufacturer requirements.

Innovation inside and out
Penrite’s innovation has not just revolved around the actual products and specifications – it has also led the way in packaging development to suit both consumer and trade requirements.
Penrite the first manufacturer in Australia to offer both standard six litre and then seven litre engine oils to satisfy the requirements for modern vehicle sump capacities.
It was also the first manufacturer to introduce included pouring funnels as part of its packaging, IML labels that do not peel off even when wet, and the ENVIRO BOX – a 20 litre bag in a cardboard box that reduces packaging waste by 85 percent and features recyclable plastic and cardboard packaging that complies with APCO (Australian Packaging Covenant) tertiary primary and secondary packaging requirements.

Environmentally friendly
Penrite strives to minimise any environmental impact by reducing emissions and developing safe and sustainable, production, packaging, storage and distribution methodologies.
It recently installed a 140KW solar panel system on its Dandenong South factory to reduce power consumption and reliance on fossil fuel generated electricity.

Technology for modern day requirements
The 21st century has seen the lubricant market become more complex than ever with manufacturers demanding products that suit and meet their needs.
OEM approvals and Industry specifications have become common in maintaining manufacturer warranties, so finding the correct products for your vehicle has become more complex than ever.
In response, Penrite has been a pioneer in bringing 21st century technology to automotive businesses with applications for finding and recommending the correct products for each application, with the introduction of instore touchscreens to help consumers identify the correct lubricants for their vehicles.
The Penrite Touchscreens replaced the traditional printed books in stores that could no longer maintain the increased range and specifications required by modern vehicles.
The Penrite Touchscreen was soon copied by other oil companies and other industries, and is now the established standard in finding the correct products for vehicles.
Penrite were also the first to offer on-line apps for both desktop and mobile devices as well as providing a registration checking service via these apps to assist store staff and consumers.

Delivering the highest quality products and service
Penrite also continues to innovate to bring a better class of lubricant to its customers.
As well as providing a “Better Class of Oil”, Penrite has always prided itself on providing a better class of service.
The Penrite customer service team is based in the Melbourne headquarters, as is the Technical Assistance team to make sure customer needs are fully met, whether it be an order, product or technical enquiry.
The Penrite team is passionate about providing the highest quality service to customers, which is another of the reasons the company “has been the standard setter in the automotive lubricants business for so long.”

Reaching out
Penrite also values investing back into the market in Australia, with the company supporting Australian people through its Brand Ambassador program and sponsorship arrangements.
The same Penrite products purchased by customers are used by Penrite Ambassadors and Sponsorship recipients in all forms of motorsports throughout Australia and New Zealand in areas such as Supercars, V8 Jetboats, PRO MX Series, Australian Superbikes, Drag Racing, Sprint Cars, Historic Racing and Go-Karts, as well as many other racing types.
Penrite is also actively involved with its customers via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; with the Penrite Facebook page alone boasting more than 120,000 followers with active engagement from all walks of life including racing through to off-roading and general servicing.
In total, Penrite supports more than 150 grass roots ambassadors across a wide range of categories to encourage the growth of the next generation of motorsport athletes and to build meaningful relationships with drivers and their families.
This is in keeping with the Penrite company values, which have set the foundation for almost 100 years of growth and success with a range of high quality products made in Australia and made for Australian conditions.

Into the future
Fast approaching 100 years of Australian production, Penrite continues to lead the way in lubricant manufacturing in Australia.
Whether it be the latest specification product, packaging innovation or what product to use, Penrite says it is proud to be the innovator that other companies follow.
Of course, nothing stands still for very long, so Penrite says it is already looking ahead at the future technologies, products and services that will be required in the years to come, to make sure it will still be around for many more years in the future.

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