Leading environmental change for 25 years

Lanotec, an Australian-made leader in sustainable multi-purpose lubricants and protectants, is celebrating its 25th anniversary with the launch of new specialist environmentally friendly product lines for a wide array of uses.
The 2023 Lanotec range is the culmination of long-term development focused on premium quality, all-natural lanolin-based products, which are non-toxic and ideal for use in sensitive locations.
Lanolin is an organic substance produced by sheep to shield the coating on their fleece, which carries its amazing protective properties into a wide range of real-world uses, including automotive, mining, agriculture, construction, manufacturing, timber treatment, defence, aviation and more.
Lanotec says that further to being an Australian success story, its products are also exported throughout South-East Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and North America.
Supplied by Australian wool producers, Lanotec has formulated three new products from lanolin, namely MPX, a multi-purpose consumer lubricant and penetrant, MGX, for use in the marine setting, and EGX, which has been specially designed for electrical applications.
MPX is the ideal product to use around the workshop, home or garden, whenever a dependable lubricant or penetrant is required.
While providing long-lasting lubrication, MPX also penetrates, freeing up rusted tools, nuts and bolts, stops squeaks, repels moisture while preventing water ingress, protects metal from corrosion, and rejuvenates vinyl, leather and powder-coated surfaces, amongst a multitude of potential uses.
The product is available in 300g aerosol, 600ml spray packs, and five-litre bulk pack sizes.
The new aerosol line features a handy combo nozzle for use in any circumstance, with its inert CO2 propellent non-hazardous and non-flammable, ensuring maximum delivery of active ingredients.
Another popular Lanotec line is Timber Seal, which penetrates timber to prevent drying, splitting, cracking and wood rot, weatherproofing the wood while highlighting the natural grain, all while protecting metal fastenings and fittings.
Lanotec products are resistant to high-pressure wash-off, have been salt spray tested to Australian Standard 2331.3.1, and are safe on rubber and plastics.
“Over the years, Lanotec’s range has found favour across many Australian industries because they are non-toxic, biodegradable, and adaptable to use safely in many different applications,” Lanotec Australia General Manager, Robert Doncon, said.
“Not only is Lanotec’s range of lubricants, penetrants, corrosion inhibitors and degreasers the safest and most versatile available in the marketplace, but they are also specifically designed to outlast and outperform the competition.
“More and more, people understand the advantages of moving away from petrochemical options to environmentally friendly solutions, while equally important is the ability to support Australian-made products.
“Our expanded offering comes at an exciting time for Lanotec, as we celebrate 25 years of operation with new packaging options and fresh branding.”
Lanotec’s liquid lanolin products are available in various formulations for different applications, with specialist products including greases, Steal-Seal, a popular choice for protecting 4WDs and machinery, Wire Rope Lube, welding Anti Spatter, and Release Agent for use around concrete formwork, plus relevant spray bottles.
The perfect companion to the liquid lanolin-based range is Lanotec Citra-Force, an organic industrial-strength cleaner and natural degreaser, which safely cleans a wide range of finishes, including aluminium, stainless steel and anodised surfaces without streaking.
Backing up the green credentials of the Lanotec offering, multiple products have received Global Green Tag’s prestigious certification, NSF certification, are endorsed for use in industries operating a HACCP-based food safety program, and are approved by AQIS for use in export registered meat establishments.

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