The new system was officially released and celebrated at AAAE

During the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo, Autel released its newest ADAS system: MaxiSys IA900WA.
The system was not only launched at the Expo, but also celebrated with the “2022 Most Innovative New Servicing Product” Award.
The new IA900WA can be used to calibrate ADAS sensors and cameras, and also to perform wheel alignments.
It comes with all the necessary software to perform both tasks. Autel explains this versatility is all the more interesting because often, before proceeding with the calibration of ADAS equipment, the verification and correction of wheel alignment are required. As such, Autel says this process can improve maintenance shops’ efficiency and profitability.
Thanks to a 24-inch touchscreen monitor, which can be simulcast from a MaxiSys Ultra, the IA900WA includes bi-directional control functionality, allowing for a quick and efficient working experience.
MaxiSys Ultra Tablet can be cradled on the lift or the steering wheel with controls, and the interface can be used as a PC for wheel alignment and a live alignment reading display. Illustrated alignment instructions, live readings, required tools, and adjustment locations are displayed on both the Ultra and monitor screen.
The IA900WA is equipped with robotic frame movement, so that ADAS calibration target heights can be set with the push of a button.
With six high-resolution cameras, the IA900WA can realise high-precision optical Measurement. Wheel alignment cameras can automatically track the height of wheel targets on lift. Further, Autel explains that inside its ADAS calibration software is the industry’s fastest and most accurate frame placement, where setup takes as little as one minute.
The IA900WA is also equipped with step-by-step illustrated full-colour instructions, helping the users to complete ADAS calibration processes without wasting any time.
Combined with vehicle inspections of tyres, brakes, suspension, steering, and more, the IA900WA can generate a comprehensive report after performing diagnostics.
At the same time, it can mark service recommendations and attach photos and notes on the report, delivering a visually appealing and clear look at a vehicle’s condition to users.
Autel says it is confident that the new IA900WA will be your surprising partner, and will upgrade your repairing experience to a higher level.

Autel invites interested parties to contact their local authorised distributor.