“The ultimate under the bonnet range”

Bar’s Leaks says it has a reputation as one of the world’s most effective and easily used automotive additives, stating it has been one of the most trusted and locally manufactured names in the automotive chemical industry since 1947.
When Bar’s Leaks is added to the cooling system, it works to protect against leaks and corrosion.
When adding the product to a radiator, Bar’s Leaks explains that its secret ingredient ‘Rhizex’ quickly dissolves under heat and circulation, releasing tens of thousands of individual Rhizex particles which continually circulate throughout the entire cooling system, sealing up any leaks along the way.
Bar’s Leaks explains that this is quite different to other ordinary Stop leaks that patch or plug cooling system components.
It states that “this revolutionary product effectively stops the build up of rust and corrosion, lubricates the water pump seal, prevents internal and external seepage, and seals all external leaks in heads, blocks, and radiators to give excellent engine protection.”
It is a product that is compatible with all quality coolants and anti-freeze. Two sizes are available in the Bar’s Leaks Stop Leak: 150gm for the smaller and four-cylinder engines and 340gm for six and eight cylinder engines.
The Bar’s Leaks range also includes Bar’s Leaks Radiator Cleaner – A Bar’s Bugs rep states that “our Radiator Cleaner is designed to remove all internal rust and corrosion from the radiator and heater cores, engine block and head. The result is a cooling system that operates more efficiently, giving better heat dissipation.”
The 140g Radiator Cleaner is recommended for use in all engines including aluminium, with Bar’s Leaks explaining that it is harmless to metals, rubber and water pump seals whilst being non-toxic and non-acidic. It recommends that you use Bar’s Leaks Radiator Flush Gun (RFG) where possible to assist system flushing.
Bar’s Leaks, Stop Leaks and Radiator Cleaner stockists include Auto One, Burson Automotive, Basco, Blackwoods, CoolDrive, Repco, Matador Wholesale, Racer Australia Pty Ltd and Petrol and Convenience stores.
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Bar’s Leaks explains that there is also a useful facts and question page online that can be helpful when trouble shooting or when wondering if a Bar’s Leaks product is right for your vehicle.
It invites you to visit and if you still have questions regarding a product, it states its team are on hand to help.

For assistance, contact Bar’s Leaks on or 02 9524 5236.