From E-Nanny

Nowadays, new energy vehicles are growing at an unprecedented speed, and the core part of new energy vehicles is batteries, so the after-sales service and maintenance of batteries has become quite essential.
E-Nanny says it provides a perfect solution for the testing and maintenance of new energy lithium batteries with the following products.
• ENS-3002DC Lithium Battery Charge and Discharge Tester: applicable for discharge, charge, and activation tests of various lithium batteries.
• ENS-4805Li Lithium Battery Equalizer: E-Nanny says this product solves the problem of inconsistent voltage of power battery cells, and meets the balance of 48 strings of cells. You can set the balance voltage point, high point potential cell discharge and low point potential charge, while improving maintenance efficiency and protecting battery safety.
• ENS-8006DC Ultra Wide Voltage Charge and Discharge Tester: offering an ultra-wide voltage range, this product is suitable for various modules and whole packs of batteries.
Further, E-Nanny says it can provide you with a one-stop lithium battery maintenance solution, solving problems in the areas of battery maintenance, capacity testing and equalisation.
E-Nanny states that it has been a prominent manufacturer and supplier of battery testing and maintenance equipment in the Oceania region since 2014.
The company supplies to national power utility companies and general factories; telecom, transport, metallurgy and petrochemical industries; and to government facilities and public institutions.

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