Designed to protect your personnel and facility

Plymovent explains that as a “proven industry leader,” it provides solutions to properly ventilate workshop facilities*.
It states that its energy management solutions minimise the energy required to operate the air handling and ventilation systems in your facility, while appropriately protecting your personnel and your facility.
Those behind Plymovent say they know that one system doesn’t fit all.
As such, whether installing a system into an existing facility or building a new one, it says its experienced staff is ready to develop a custom-tailored system that meets process and building requirements specific to your facility.
“Our team will work one-on-one with your designers and construction managers to ensure the right system is in place and the safety codes have been followed,” Plymovent Project Manager – Fume and Dust, Oscar Barahona, said.
“This is a cost-effective approach that ensures clean air in your working environment.
“To meet your specific requirements, it is vital to conduct a thorough investigation of your facility.
“With the information from the investigation process, we will choose products from our broad product range, to provide a durable and optimal solution to ensure ease of operation and clean air at work.
“In the design phase fine tuning will be made to details such as pressure drops, controls, and so on.
“And upon completion of the design phase, our distributors will install your products and systems.
“Our constant strive for perfection and customer satisfaction leads to us providing you with an air cleaning system that will successfully operate for years to come.
“Further, we are always happy to share our professional knowledge and provide the option for hands-on training so our customers can get the most out of the systems installed.
“And from installation support to service and maintenance, our engineers ensure your products and systems remain in optimal condition.”
Plymovent has reportedly provided more than 50,000 installations for source capture and ventilation systems in various industries including automobile plants, motorcycle/ATV garages, fleet service and repair bays, bus depots, military facilities, department of transportation facilities, emergency service stations, and agricultural equipment facilities.

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*The operation of exhaust extraction systems can be affected by various factors including proper design of the system, operating procedures, service and maintenance. Exposure levels should be checked upon installation and periodically thereafter to ensure that they fall within applicable NIOSH and OSHA exposure limit values.