Keep your fleet or workshop moving

In light of the ongoing shift in the automotive sector towards electric mobility, workshops are facing the pressure to power up for the imminent influx of electric vehicles (EVs), trucks and buses.
While the transition to electric is still unfolding, the need for intelligent electric vehicle infrastructure is significant.
Infrastructure can be complex and requires an investment of time and resources.
Therefore, it is important to not only plan these works ahead of time, but ensure you have a reliable partner that is able to provide on-going support and maintenance.
EVSE says it has been a trusted provider of EV charging solutions since 2015.
The company claims it deeply understands the paramount significance of efficiency and productivity in operational environments.
According to EVSE, that’s precisely why it undertakes comprehensive project management, handling every aspect from inception, installation, load management, all the way until completion, while also providing steadfast ongoing support.
It says its extensive product portfolio offers workshops, fleets, and industrial sites a range of tailored turnkey solutions to meet their specific requirements.
It has provided solutions for LDV dealerships, NSW Health, SIXT car rentals and numerous Local and State Government sites.
EVSE’s most recommended charging stations for workshops and dealerships are the Ocular Titan and Ocular Roam, high-performing DC charging stations.
The Ocular Roam sets itself apart with its exceptional mobility, making it a valuable asset in any workshop environment.
It is a compact DC charger (available in 20kW or 30kW) on wheels, featuring a lengthy power lead.
This charger is suitable for all electric vehicles but the ability to navigate with ease makes it particularly ideal for use in a dynamic workshop environment.
EVSE says you can boost efficiency by bringing the charger to your vehicle rather than your vehicle to the charger.
With a 32 Amp-3phase outlet to the DC power, it can charge significantly faster than other portable chargers.
EVSE says these are currently being implemented across Australia for high volume workshops.
Meanwhile, the Titan remains a best-seller for EVSE, offering a powerful and reliable charging solution in a compact package.
With an impressive 60kW of power, it is capable of fully charging a 540kWh Electric Truck in just six-nine hours, making it an ideal overnight charger or a convenient option for charging between tasks.
Its versatile design allows for easy installation, whether pole-mounted or wall-mounted, enabling workshops to optimise space utilisation without compromising operational efficiency.
EVSE says its expert team is ready to provide a free consultation to scope your site for charging infrastructure and provide a full solution including installation, software, load management, project management and on-going support.

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