LV Automotive is ready to help with its “cutting edge” work lights

Safety and efficiency are paramount in any workspace, and LV Automotive says its latest line-up of work lights, proudly distributed by JAS Oceania, promises to elevate both to new heights.
Among the standout offerings is the LV9036 80W LED Pole Mount Work Light.
“This is a pioneering solution that boasts a unique design tailored to meet the demands of heavy-duty environments,” JAS Oceania Lighting Product Manager, Ben Fraser, said.
It features a pole mount design, allowing this work light to be removed when required. The automotive industry is used to this feature in the warning beacons sector, but this is new territory for work lights.
Certain machines like road profilers and other agricultural machines remove all the beacons and can now remove the work lights at night, too. This can combat vandalism or even theft of products.
It also features an in-built switch and handle, reverse polarity protection, and a polycarbonate lens.
“This powerhouse ensures optimal visibility while adhering to stringent safety standards such as ECE R10 compliance,” Ben said.
Also on offer are the LV9140, LV9141 and LV9133 series of lights.
“The LV9140 and LV9141 LED Work Lights are equally impressive, featuring wide flood beams of 70 degrees and delivering raw lumens of up to 9600,” Ben said.
“Built to withstand the rigours of industrial use, these lights combine durability with functionality, sporting die-cast aluminium housings, stainless steel mounting brackets, and IP68 and IP69K ratings for unparalleled resilience against the elements.
“Continuing the tradition of excellence is the LV9133, a game-changer in the realm of work lights.
“Renowned for its curved front 120-degree ultra-wide flood beam and impressive luminosity of 9500 Lumens, this powerhouse has paved the way for innovation by introducing the LV9133C.
“This upgraded Combo Beam (Spot and Flood) maintains the same unrivalled beam pattern while incorporating three spot lenses in the centre row of the work light, extending the reach to over 200 meters with pinpoint precision.
“Whether illuminating construction sites, mining operations, or off-road adventures, LV Automotive’s work lights offer a beacon of reliability, safety, and performance.
“As we forge into a future where safety is paramount, you can trust in LV and JAS to light the way.”

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