Ryco says its N99 MicroShield is ready to protect you

Heading towards colder weather doesn’t mean the adventures need to come to an end, however it is a good time to make sure drivers and passengers alike are breathing the best quality air possible.
Ryco says that according to a study by the Royal Society of Chemistry on Environment Science, pollution inside a car stuck in heavy traffic is as much as 40 percent higher than when the car is moving. That’s 40 percent more potential airborne germs that those in the cabin are inhaling.
Ryco states that its N99 MicroShield Cabin Air Filters have been developed with a medical grade N99 media technology to filter out airborne viruses, and bacteria as small as the H1N1/H3N2 influenza A virus.
Ryco explains it has been tested in Australia’s only dedicated filtration laboratory to meet the harshest Australian conditions, with the media on the N99 MicroShield Cabin Filter designed to kill bacteria and viruses with non-toxic anti-bacterial agents embedded into the filter media.
As an added bonus, Ryco’s N99 MicroShield Cabin Air Filters are flame retardant*, making them the perfect addition to any car all year round.
They inhibit combustion when exposed to embers, sparks, or open flames as the media is impregnated with non-toxic fire-retardant resin, reducing the ability of the media to support combustion.
The activated charcoal layer will stop chemical pollutants and smells which many cause nausea, fatigue, and headaches, from ever entering the cabin.
Rain, hail, or shine, Ryco says its N99 MicroShield Cabin Air will protect drivers and passengers alike.
So, when your customers want peace of mind, Ryco encourages you to “Be Ryco Ready.”

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*Not all Ryco Cabin Air Filters come with flame retardant media. Check the ‘Tech Specs’ on the Ryco website to verify.