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Returning a customer’s car freshly washed and cleaned never fails to impress, and thanks to the Meguiar’s Detailer range, Meguiar’s says this can be achieved quickly, easily, and very cost effectively.
The Detailer range is Meguiar’s professional line of products and has long been a favourite of fussy detailers, discerning body shops and even OE manufacturers around the globe.
Being a professional-grade line-up, many come in concentrate form, which can produce many, many times their volume when appropriately diluted.
This allows you to keep bulk product conveniently on hand, without having big containers of watered down product sitting around tying up valuable workshop space.
Buying in concentrate form also saves money, as you’re not buying other people’s expensive water.
Each product is clearly marked with recommended dilution ratios. When ordering, Meguiar’s encourages you to add a couple of its professional-grade spray bottles and chemically resistant, high-volume spray nozzles, stating these make for easy application.
Dilution ratios on many products can be adjusted to suit individual applications. In the case of All Purpose Cleaner, Meguiar’s says you may want a stronger mix to tackle tough grease and grime in engine bays – or in a heavily soiled area of a vehicle’s interior.
While on the interior, shine levels can be increased or dialled down using different dilution rates.
Meguiar’s Detailer range includes two car washes: Citrus Blast Wash and Wax, and Shampoo Plus.
As well as traditional suds ‘n’ bucket washing, the luxurious foaming action of Shampoo Plus also works a treat in a Meguiar’s Megafoam Snow Cannon, delivering a gentle clean without the risk of swirling or scratching.
Just as with Meguiar’s retail range of products, Meguiar’s says you and your customers will appreciate the same pleasant fragrances that Meguiar’s consumer products are world famous for. Professional grade results with no horrible chemical smell – talk about a win, win, it says.
To get the best performance out of your Meguiar’s washes, waxes, polishes, cleaners, and surface treatments, Meguiar’s recommends that you use its range of long-lasting, premium-quality accessories.
It explains the line-up is quite extensive and includes an array of applicators, microfiber towels, cloths, wash accessories and wheel brushes – all of which it says are “a cut above the rest in performance and durability.”
The Meguiar’s Detailer range and Meguiar’s accessories are readily available for order through your MotorActive representative.

To view the full ranges, as well as to get in contact with your local sales rep, visit or call 1800 347 570.