With the Bulletproof range of Trailer Lamps from LED Autolamps

LED Autolamps says it is proud to offer its latest series of trailer lamps, with three universal sizes created with a new design, look and appeal – and all with superior durability.
LED Autolamps – a brand name which says it has been known and trusted for over 20 years – says the first thing you notice about the Bulletproof series is its sleek, uniquely styled blackened no lens design, offering all required functions.
The 210 Boat trailer lamps include Stop/Tail/ Indicator and a handy inbuilt Reflex Reflector with a concealed licence plate lamp. The 211 and the 212 series trailer lamps offer Stop/Tail/ Indicator and an inbuilt Reflex Reflector.
The 210 series boat trailer lamps are 210mm x 96mm x 28mm, the perfect size to suit most boat trailers. The small square 211 series has an overall size of 100mm x 100mm x 20mm, while the rectangular shaped 212 Series measures 160mm x 90mm x 20mm – a perfect size to suit most small to medium trailers.
Stainless steel fittings with tinned copper wiring encased in sheathing are included for extra protection from constant environmental exposure and long-term durability. Electrically they run at 12 Volt and have been made to ECE R10 EMC standards for electrical interference.
Extreme environments demand a product to be manufactured to withstand these situations and LED Autolamps says it specifically designed the Bulletproof series with this in mind.
“We have included super-tough polycarbonate construction but, more importantly, sealed the LEDs and circuitry using a specially formulated flexible black resin,” LED Autolamps National Sales Manager, Ashley Piper, said.
Ashley added the 210, 211, and 212 Bulletproof series are purpose-built and manufactured to the highest standards, stating you can rest assured they are up to any task.
“The high-impact plastics with solid-state circuitry ensure shock and vibration resistance. The lights deliver on a super bright even spread output that not only looks distinctive but is also UV, Acidic/alkaline and saltwater resistant and exceeds all required Australian Road standards with ECE approvals.
“We are so confident in the specially formulated resin coupled with a no lens design and extreme testing to IP68 rating that we offer a 10-year warranty for peace of mind.”
LED Autolamps explains that its entire operation, as part of the ECCO Safety Group, is certified to ISO9001:2015, while its main production facility is certified to IATF16949:2016 standards. But, more importantly, it says you are guaranteed conformity of production, exceptional service, technical expertise, supply reliability, and dedicated after-sales care.
The 210 series is available in a twin retail blister pack with left and right-hand side lamps (Part Number 210BARLP2) and single bulk for OEM manufacturers.
In addition, LED Autolamps has also made available a 10-metre lamp and cable kit (Part Number 210BARLP2-10M) which contains the left and right-hand side lamps and enough hardwire cable for trailers up to 10 metres in length.
The 211 and the 212 are available in a twin retail blister pack with left and right-hand side lamps and single bulk for OEM manufacturers.
“If you want to provide your customers something unique in design and unparalleled quality that will give you the wow factor you are after, then check out our website or give us a call,” Ashley said.

For further information, visit for the details of your local distributor or call LED Autolamps on 1800 815 800.