The Stan Sainty Cup has been unveiled

The fastest drag racing series in the country, the Burson Auto Parts Australian Top Fuel Championship, demands an award as spectacular as the racing it serves up each round.
When Top Fuel Australia’s Nathan Prendergast reached out to the Sainty Family late last season to ask if they could name the championship in Stan’s honour, the wheels quickly began turning.
“And what an honour it is that we most graciously accepted,” Stan’s wife, Margaret Sainty, said.
Top Fuel Australia wants to race for a purpose and with meaning. They see Stan as an Ambassador and pioneer for Top Fuel and could think of no one better to bestow this glory upon.
“Stan was a master machinist who had an incredible talent for engine design,” Nathan said.
“In life, Stan Sainty seemed unconquerable. He was big and strong, with the hands of a man who made his living by hard work. He was quiet, generous, uncomplicated; a humble figure who was just doing what he loved.”
The Championship Trophy will be known as the Stan Sainty Cup, and the winner of the Australian Top Fuel Championship will be presented with the perpetual cup, which has been created by none other than Stan’s son, Terry Sainty.
A smaller version of the trophy has also been made and will be presented to the Top Fuel Championship winner each year for them to keep.
The Stan Sainty Cup has been 100 percent proudly made in Riverstone Australia in the Sainty Engineering workshop. Terry and his tradesman, Billy Foster, have spent more than 200 hours designing, machining, fabricating, welding, and polishing a truly unique trophy with meaning to capture the essence of both Stan Sainty and Top Fuel.
The base of the trophy is made from a solid block of billet aluminium, just like a Top Fuel engine. It is CNC-machined with facets and engraved on the oval face and underneath as well.
The vessel is crafted from titanium sheet and is argon tig welded. The shape is inspired by the rear wing struts on the dragster and set at an angle of 63 degrees.
The stars of the Southern Cross have been cut out of the titanium cup creating a shadow and is a proud representation of the Australian culture and the constellation of stars that can only be seen from the southern hemisphere.
The Burson Auto Parts Australian Top Fuel Championship congratulates Peter Xiberras on being the inaugural winner of the Stan Sainty Cup.
The Cup was presented to Peter at round one of the 2022 Burson Auto Parts Australian Top Fuel Championship, held at Alice Springs Inland Dragway on September 2.

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