AAAA Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product – Electrical

The competition for AAAA Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product – Electrical award was exceptionally close with 12 entries in total. In this issue, we take a look at the entrants who vied for this award including the winning Hybrid Battery Remanufacturing Program from IM Group.
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IM Group, Hybrid Battery Remanufacturing Program – WINNER
IM Group’s hybrid battery remanufacturing exchange project enables the scalable component re-use and resource recovery of retired battery packs from hybrid-electric vehicles. The remanufacture of HEV batteries is done via a process of testing and grading individual cells in a battery pack, re-assembling ‘like’ functional cells into a new pack and rebalancing the cells in the pack so that they can ‘work together.’ This puts to an end the single use nature of hybrid batteries, will save hybrid vehicle owners a considerable sum, and prevents batteries, plus their toxic materials, from being discarded into landfill.
For more information, visit www.im-group.com.au

JAS Oceania, LV Alternator Sensing Ignition Relay 12/24V (LV4505)
JAS Oceania says its LV Alternator Sensing Ignition Relay 12/24V is a game-changer, providing an ignition source anywhere while being practically Plug ‘n’ Play and not affecting vehicle ECUs. The LV4505 provides a vehicle ignition source quickly, easily and safely, and with a compact design it has the same footprint as a five-pin mini relay. It is unique from Voltage Sensing Relays as its input trigger is sourced by the frequency of the alternator, overcoming the issue presented by smart alternators, where the charge voltage drops below 12.8 (cut-out voltage of VSR) when the battery is fully charged.
For more information, visit www.jasoceania.com.au

CoolDrive Auto Parts, Jaylec Black Series
The Jaylec Black Series has been developed locally for the four wheel drive and performance-orientated markets, which typically have higher electrical loads for their vehicles. The Jaylec Black Series alternator units are designed to provide a higher charge rate at lower RPM, rather than a higher charge rate at a higher RPM. Each product provides customers with both a hot and cold amperage charge rating, rather than trying to mislead with the highest charge rate. Jaylec Black Series alternators are designed to run high-demand components at idle or low RPM, all while maintaining the battery at the desired levels.
For more information, visit www.cooldrive.com.au

Projecta, Intelli-Start IS920/IS1220 Jump Starters
The new Projecta Intelli-Start IS920 and IS1220 jump starters do away with the need for regular mains recharging. Instead, once the vehicle is running, the user simply leaves the jump starter connected to the running vehicle for 40 seconds to fully replenish the charge used to start it. Using the patented Rapid Recharge Technology (RRT), the IS jump starters recharge in very little time, meaning they’ll be ready for the next jump start without needing to be recharged from mains power. Projecta says they also offer up to four times more cycles than Lithium Cobalt batteries.
For more information, visit www.projecta.com.au

Narva, Aerotech Strobe
Narva’s Aerotech strobe features a unique tribulor shape like nothing else available in the market and is characterised by a greater front surface which gives the light a high level of visibility from all angles. Tapering from front to back dramatically improves aerodynamics while reducing wind resistance and in-cabin noise. A further benefit of the shape is an ultra-modern appearance that complements the look of late model vehicles. Also featured are ultrasonic welds that seal the lamp from water and dust to IP67 standards, and solid-state circuitry which removes moving parts to eliminate mechanical failures.
For more information, visit www.narva.com.au

Sensium Labs, Integrated Electric Vehicle (EV) Telematics
Sensium Labs says its vehicle telematics hardware, the locally designed and manufactured TB2-20, has achieved a ground-breaking industry first integration with Electric Vehicles. Sensium Labs has specifically developed a way to decode and feed proprietary vehicle manufacturer data to the cloud. The Sensium Connect dashboard then enables organisations to live-manage EV fleet vehicles alongside traditional petrol-powered vehicles. The Sensium Connect Vehicle Status dashboard displays information such as Odometer, Battery State of Charge, Battery Temperature, Battery State of Health, Driver and Passenger Seatbelts, Tyre Pressures, Tyre Temperatures, DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes), 12v battery Condition, and EV Charging State.
For more information, visit www.sensium.com.au

REDARC explains that GoBlock is the world’s first off-road ready Portable Dual Battery System. It was designed rugged enough to suit the needs of the off-road enthusiast and simple enough to suit the average weekend warrior without the need for installation. The chassis has been designed using a cast-aluminium process to ensure that the Lithium cells are well protected from the harsh conditions which exist during off-road use. The GoBlock features stainless steel sliders and contoured nylon handles, designed to give a quality feel and a strong structure, even if carrying the unit with only one handle.
For more information, visit www.redarc.com.au

Valeo, 48V Integrated Belt Starter Generator
The Valeo 48V Belt Starter Generator replaces the alternator to recover energy while braking and electrically boost the engine. It is composed of a DC/DC Converter to bridge and balance 12 and 48V networks. A 48V battery pack is added to store more energy, and a Valeo Electric Rear Axle Drive allows full electric drive and all-wheel drive mode. DC-DC converters convert HV to 48V, HV to 12V, and 48V to 12V in the various configurations of electric vehicles. Valeo says the features of this product are many, including stop and start, regenerative braking and torque assistance.
For more information, visit www.valeo.com

Invision Sales, JW Speaker Model 210 Solar Warning Light
In conjunction with JW Speaker design engineers, Invision Sales have developed a warning light for long-haul trains by utilising a combination of flashing red or amber LEDs with high output for maximum visibility. Additionally, red or amber reflectors have been included into the design as an added backup when LEDs are not in operation. Mounting is quick and simple with no drilling involved and the lamp is rechargeable thanks to an inbuilt and highly efficient solar panel. Outstanding performance is delivered in both light output (1.5 kilometer visibility) and low power consumption.
For more information, visit www.invisionsales.com.au

CTEK says its CS FREE is the world’s first truly portable battery charging solution featuring four cutting edge products in one portable unit – Adaptive Booster, battery charger, smart maintainer and hi-tech powerbank. The Adaptive Boost technology carefully works out the best way to safely give any 12V lead acid or lithium battery the right amount of power so you can get going from a flat battery within 15 minutes. It can be used with mains power or hooked up to a solar panel kit or 12V battery. It can hold charge for a year and has built-in vehicle protections.
For more information, visit www.ctek.com

LED Autolamps, 385X Range
The new 385X range of dynamically lit rear combination lighting offers eight distinctive designs. These lamps include specially designed integrated circuitry with the latest LED lighting technology while the standardised size of 387mm x 105mm x 30.5mm matched to a specially designed surface mounted plate allows the lamp to clip securely and neatly in place. The lamps exceed the required standards, and the 9-32 Voltage range provides coverage across 12/24V applications with low operational current draw. Vibration and impact resistance with no moving parts ensures these lights are made fit for purpose and are up to any challenge.
For more information, visit www.ledautolamps.com.au

Swe-Check, The Mechanical Products Series 53
The Mechanical Products Series 53 is an automotive branch disconnect switch with a manual reset circuit breaker feature. The device’s purpose is to bring two traditional products (battery disconnect rotary switch and a manual reset circuit breaker) into one, reducing the number of components within the electrical distribution circuit and therefore providing more space, reduced weight, improved aesthetics, faster installation and saved labour costs while providing form, function, style and meeting stringent electrical safety approvals. The product is suitable for low voltage battery powered equipment. The Series 53 can be panel mounted in a dashboard or switch panel.
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