Bilstein says its B6 is the ideal shock absorber for caravanning

Camping holidays are more popular than ever before, with Bilstein stating that this is shown by the increased figures for caravan registration.
The target group of buyers is usually very concerned about safety and are willing to invest in useful extras. However, Bilstein says many of them do not have the subject of shock absorbers in mind.
As such, it says workshops would be well advised to actively inform their customers about sensible solutions in this area, such as the Bilstein B6.
With this registration-free gas pressure shock absorber, the suspension manufacturer says it offers a technically convincing solution that provides a significant increase in damping force in everyday use compared to the standard part.
For customers and their families, Bilstein says this means a significant increase in driving safety and comfort and by providing advice in this regard, workshops can increase customer satisfaction and generate new sales at the same time.
“Due to the high drawbar loads, tractive forces and leverage forces that occur on the trailer coupling, the standard shock absorbers are quickly at their limit in dangerous situations, as they have not been optimised for this load,” Head of Bilstein Academy, Rainer Popiol, said.
“In most cases, the damping force is simply no longer sufficient to ensure safe, comfortable and agile driving behaviour.”
Bilstein says workshops that sell trailer hitches or find them on customer vehicles should therefore also offer the Bilstein B6.
It says that even if the practical hitch has already been fitted at the factory, the standard suspension does not necessarily offer enough reserves.
Here, too, Bilstein says the Bilstein B6 brings about a significant improvement in almost 100 percent of cases.
“If a shock absorber replacement is due (soon) anyway, there are hardly any additional costs for the customer – not even for installation. Installation always follows the motto ‘plug and play,’ keeping the costs low,” Rainer said.
“The B6 performance shock absorbers in standard length also pay off when towing other trailers or in combination with bicycle racks or heavy roof loads that shift the vehicle’s centre of gravity upwards.
“This can cause the car to sway dangerously or react far too sluggishly, especially when swerving quickly or negotiating bends.
“The Bilstein B6 puts a stop to these and similar problems right from the start. This means that drivers are protected from unpleasant surprises even with caravans and reach their destination safely.”

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