Burg Design has powerful additives on offer

The X-1R Octane Booster has been proven as “the world’s number one Octane Booster,” says Burg Design – the exclusive Australian distributors of X-1R products.
Its formula, which Burg Design says has been developed by NASA, contains MMT, Nitromethane and POWR-XTM, increases RON by 30 Points Plus and contains Synthetic Detergency.
Further, Burg Design says the product is an excellent Lead Substitute and can extend the life of stored fuel while coming in a compact size at a low cost.
Burg Design states the X-1R Octane Booster concentrate eliminates knocking, increases performance and restores lost horsepower, while also being “excellent” as a racing formula.
Also on offer from Burg Design is the X-1R Diesel Fuel Treatment and the X-1R Engine Oil Based Flush.
The X-1R Diesel Fuel Treatment is a powerful yet low-cost concentrate which thoroughly cleans the entire fuel system to eliminate knocking and pinging, increase the octane rating, reduce exhaust smoke, increase performance and restore lost horsepower for a much smoother running engine. It can also extend the life of stored diesel fuel, says Burg Design.
The X-1R Engine Oil Based Flush contains controlled-released detergents to dissolve sludge, gum, varnish, grit and other deposits that, even with regular maintenance, slowly build up inside the engine. Burg Design says usually, you need only pour it into your crankcase and let the engine run for 15 minutes before draining it.
X-1R is a Certified Space Technology and is an inductee in the NASA Space Technology Hall of Fame.

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