The Penrite’s Enviro+ range is perfect for modern fuel efficient, low emission engines

Although Penrite has been around for nearly a century, it continues to provide both the trade and retail users with the latest generation engine oils for today’s modern fleet.
The Penrite “Enviro+” range of engine oils were introduced back in 2008 to cater for vehicles equipped with emission control devices, such as DPFs.
When introduced, the products in the range were some of the first aftermarket engine oils to carry OEM approvals from manufacturers for warranty service throughout the country.
Starting off with three engine oils, this range has now expanded to 14 products covering the latest specifications and viscosities used in modern low emission, fuel efficient vehicles.
Penrite says its Enviro+ range offers the following features and benefit:
• Full synthetic base oils
• Highest quality additive packs
• Designed to maximise DPF and exhaust catalyst life
• Provides fuel saving technologies
• Meets the latest industry specifications
• Features manufacturer and industry approvals on selected products
• Compatibility with alternate fuels, such as E85
• Meets and exceeds manufacturer long drain intervals
The Enviro+ range is available in a range of sizes suitable for both retail and trade customers.
It is also available in Penrite’s award-winning “Envirobox” packaging for trade that reduces packaging waste by 85 percent compared to standard product packaging.
Penrite says its Enviro+ range set the new standard when it was launched and provided the market with products that were not previously available.
Today, it explains that standard is still being set with Penrite’s latest release: Enviro+ G4FE 0W-20.
Penrite states this latest offering meets the tough new VW Standard 508 00 / 509 00 and Porsche C20 specifications and is fully licensed and warranty approved by VAG group for use in vehicles such as Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Porsche and Cupra requiring this specification.
Further, Penrite explains it provides the latest improvements in engine wear protection, LSPI prevention, Stop/Start and fuel economy benefits, is suitable for Petrol, Hybrid and Diesel engines, and provides superior cold start and thermal breakdown protection.
The Penrite Enviro+ Oil range is available throughout Australia and New Zealand and covers the majority of Mid and Low Saps engine oil specifications required for modern vehicles.

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