The “perfect match” for your vehicle

Bosch has decades of experience in the manufacturing of braking systems with its range covering every sector and extending from individual components to complete systems.
Bosch says that with its range, you will find the right component for practically every vehicle while benefitting from first-class Bosch quality and also ensuring customer satisfaction.

Research and development
Bosch says it is the world’s leading supplier of anti-lock braking systems (ABS), traction control systems (TCS) and electronic stability programs (ESP).
It makes a substantial investment each year in the research and development of braking products and systems.
With continuous development and the use of innovative techniques and materials, Bosch assures product quality through constant checks during the entire production process.
Bosch states that its technological competence is evident in the fact that it is a world leader in the number of patent applications it submits each year.
Innovations from Bosch have had a decisive influence on automobile history and as one of the world’s largest parts suppliers to the automotive industry, Bosch explains that it significantly contributes toward making driving safer, cleaner and more economical.
Bosch says there are a number of reasons to choose its brake pads.

Global trusted brand
Bosch is a renowned global automotive innovator with over 90 years of brake development.
Vehicle brakes are subjected to extreme loads. For example, braking horsepower is about 10 times engine horsepower, which is why brake pads reach such high temperatures.
During long mountain descents or when driving in stop-and-go highway traffic, temperatures can easily reach as high as 650°C.
To ensure safety, Bosch says brake pads therefore need to be regularly inspected and replaced only with high quality products, such as Bosch brake pads.

Quality and performance guaranteed
Bosch European brake applications are designed to meet the increasing demand of today’s vehicles.
Bosch explains that its brake pads have been developed to withstand extreme loads and are manufactured from especially high-quality materials.
It says that extensive performance and NVH dynamometer testing along with extreme environment testing ensures Bosch brake pads demonstrate a high level of performance and service life before being approved for sale.

European vehicles
Bosch Blue Line brake pads are vehicle match engineered to determine the best match of advanced friction formulations. All Bosch European brake pads comply with ECE R90 regulation.

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