The OEX 200W High Bay Workshop Light is a simple plug-in replacement for halogen or halide lights

Now more than ever, businesses need to work smarter to ensure they are reducing costs where they can, to avoid passing on unwanted rate rises to customers.
One easy solution recommended by OEX is switching to LED lighting, as it can be an extremely cost-effective and power-efficient solution.
While many operators use halide or halogen lights, OEX explains there are more costs and downtime involved in their use.
OEX states that LEDs are far more efficient than halogen bulbs. While halogens generate a large amount of heat, the amount of heat created with LEDs is far smaller, helping save energy.
LEDs also tend to last much longer and are a more energy-efficient and less maintenance-intensive technology. Metal halides have long warm-up periods and a shorter lifespan.
LEDs also emit a light that is whiter and brighter than most halogen options and provide up to 50,000 hours life. If operated for 60 hours per week, this equates to up to 16 years maintenance-free life for a single purchase, says OEX.
The OEX 200W High Bay Workshop Light is a simple plug-in replacement for 240V halogen or halide high bay lights.
OEX says it delivers energy-efficient, crisp white LED lighting to the workshop while reducing energy consumption and lowering your electricity bill.
Further, OEX says the High Bay light is a no-maintenance lighting solution, stating there is no need to replace globes or spare parts, and the robust die-cast aluminium housing is sealed to a weatherproof IP65 rating.
OEX High Bay lights reportedly provide a “massive” light output of 28,700 lumens, enough to illuminate a workshop or warehouse up to 15m high. And because they are much brighter than halide lights, less lights are required to fill a workshop space.
The OEX lights plug in to a standard 240V mains socket and come with an IP65 weatherproof rating – water-resistant and suitable for outdoor use with full protection against dust ingress.
They offer a bright white 5,700K colour temperature, and come in a die-cast aluminium body for heat dissipation. They are also backed by a five-year warranty.
OEX says it has been trusted by Australian and New Zealand Auto Electricians for over 25 years.
The complete OEX range is well stocked in both NAPA Auto Parts and Repco, so accessibility to the energy efficient range is convenient and local, it says.
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