With DBC2, BrainStorm delivered a captivating seminar as part of the Expo

BrainStorm Software, a leading innovator in AI technology, captivated attendees at the AAAExpo with its groundbreaking seminar held in collaboration with DBC2’s Dale Brittain.
The event took place on day two of the Expo on Friday the 12th of April, at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.
The seminar, titled ‘Unlocking ROI: AI Technology in the Automotive Aftermarket,’ featured BrainStorm Chief Executive Officer, Ty Osborne, as the keynote speaker.
Ty delivered an insightful presentation, delving into the transformative power of AI within the automotive aftermarket industry.
Attendees had the opportunity to explore tangible case studies, gaining firsthand knowledge on leveraging AI technology to optimise business performance.
Ty shared real-world examples that showcased the untapped potential of AI solutions, highlighting the hidden opportunities for maximising ROI.
His expertise provided invaluable insights, offering attendees actionable strategies to propel their businesses forward in an increasingly competitive market.
Reflecting on the event, Ty expressed gratitude to the attendees.
“Thank you to everyone who attended the seminar. I love sharing my knowledge on AI and its potential to revolutionise the automotive aftermarket industry.
“It has been a passion of mine for many years and continues to be and I hope that everyone that attended took away some valuable insights.”

DBC2 Managing Director and Founder, Dale Brittain, emphasised the significance of DBC2’s partnership with BrainStorm Software.
“I wanted to assist Ty as he’s invaluable. I really believe in what Ty does and what he’s doing. We are so happy to be partnered with expert knowledge on AI,” Dale said.
BrainStorm says the seminar served as a testament to its commitment to innovation and driving industry-wide progress through AI technology.
By providing actionable insights and tangible examples, BrainStorm says it continues to lead the charge in reshaping the future of the automotive aftermarket sector.
Not only were they on-hand for the Seminar, but Ty and the team were also available at their stand at the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo and said they felt privileged to be a part of the bi-annual event.
“The Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo really blew me away, the size of the event was incredible and to be a part of the 350 or so exhibitors was a real privilege, also their assistance in running the seminar is really appreciated,” Ty said.

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