Priscilla’s contribution to the automotive aftermarket has been significant and influential

Amongst the prestigious awards bestowed on worthy recipients at the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo’s Excellence Awards Banquet was the new Women at the Wheel Award.
Amongst quality nominees, Gates Marketing Manager Priscilla Robb was both honoured and humbled to accept the Women at the Wheel Award at the Banquet, which celebrated the diversity of our industry with more than a thousand industry representatives.
With a notable career spanning two decades, Priscilla’s contribution to the automotive aftermarket has been significant and influential.
Priscilla’s acceptance of the award was met with a standing ovation, a collective acknowledgment of her two decades of professionalism and creativity that have left an indelible mark on the industry.
“To be acknowledged by peers is an honour that I’ll cherish deeply,” Priscilla said.
“It reaffirms my commitment to our industry and the potential for more women to emerge as leaders.”
Priscilla’s dedication to the automotive aftermarket industry, marked by her extensive experience and consistent excellence, has earned her not only this award but also the respect and admiration of colleagues.
Overwhelmed by the recognition, Priscilla remarked, “This moment is truly humbling.”
The Women at the Wheel Award celebrates individuals who demonstrate significant professional success and a commitment to the advancement of women in the automotive industry.
Priscilla’s accolade serves as an encouragement for future aspirants in the field.
“The visibility of success is crucial. It is not just an accolade but a signal to other women in the industry that their aspirations are valid and achievable,” Priscilla said.
Reflecting on the award, Priscilla shared her vision for the future.
“As we celebrate achievements, let’s also forge paths for women entering this field, nurturing an environment where their work is recognised and their progress unhindered,” she articulated, setting an aspirational tone for the evening.
Brooke Marangos, the director of Auto Talent, whose agency sponsored the Women at the Wheel Award, was on hand to present the accolade.
“Presenting this award to Priscilla is a testament to her steadfast dedication and leadership. Her success is an inspiring illustration of where talent and ambition can lead within our industry,” Brooke said.
Brooke says the award’s presentation is a fitting extension of Auto Talent’s mission to propel the industry forward by recognizing and nurturing female talent.
She went on to state that Auto Talent’s sponsorship agreement with the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association and this reward reflects a shared vision of a diverse and dynamic industry.
As the automotive sector drives towards a more inclusive future, leaders like Priscilla and advocates like Brooke are steering the way for aspiring women in the industry.
The evening was punctuated by commendations and heartfelt accolades from industry peers, signalling a broader commitment to diversity and empowerment in the sector.
Brooke underscored the significance of Robb’s contributions, stating “Priscilla’s journey and achievements underscore the essential role women play in driving the future of automotive excellence.”
The award ceremony was not merely a recognition of individual success but an emblem of the industry’s evolution towards inclusivity.
In closing, Brooke emphasised the synergistic sponsorship between Auto Talent and the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association, stating “together, we’re not just awarding excellence; we’re accelerating a movement towards an equitable and diverse industry.”

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