The updated range for the four-wheel drive market is now available at CoolDrive Auto Parts

CoolDrive Auto Parts says Bremtec Brakes is a leader in braking products for the global aftermarket, with the brand recently confirming updates to its brake disc rotor and brake pad ranges in the four-wheel-drive market.
Bremtec Brakes’ Evolve brake disc rotor range has expanded, with a new line catering to the specific demands of off-road vehicles, known as Evolve P4X Extreme Edition.
Born from racing technology, these new Evolve High-Carbon rotors redefine braking performance for four-wheel-drives and are specifically engineered for extreme conditions.
Features of the P4X Extreme Edition rotors include thermal paint heat indicators and a midnight black-coated anti-rust coating.
These new high-carbon rotors offer greater resistance to heat stress cracking and thermal judder, with hyper slotting and hyper pillar cooling for superior heat reduction.
As part of the upgrades, Bremtec Brakes has also updated its heavy-duty Pro-Line brake pads, with the range now referred to as Pro-Line HD4X.
Aimed at four-wheel-drivers seeking an upgrade from standard or OEM equipment, the Pro-Line HD4X brake pads are specifically formulated for increased stopping power and durability when towing, or when fully loaded.
Using the highest-grade friction composites available, the Pro-Line HD4X disc brake pads are uniquely blended with ceramic fibres, graphite, fillers and binders and then compressed at a greater rate than normal disc pads.
The result of this unique process is increased density of the friction material, providing Bremtec’s Pro-Line HD4X heavy duty disc brake pads a greater stable operating temperature when braking, even under heavy loads.
The result is a longer lasting, cleaner and quieter disc brake pad for optimum braking in heavy-duty conditions.
As with all Bremtec Brakes’ brake pads, the Pro-Line HD4X brake pads are now manufactured without copper, as part of the company’s move to make it products more environmentally friendly.
The new Bremtec Brakes’ Evolve P4X Extreme Edition rotors and Pro-Line HD4X brake pads are available from CoolDrive Auto Parts as separate units, or in Brake Upgrade Kits.
Both rear and front brake upgrade kits are available for popular four-wheel drives including the Ford Ranger, HSV Colorado, Isuzu D-Max, Mazda BT-50, Nissan Navara and Patrol, Mitsubishi Triton, Toyota HiLux and LandCruiser, and VW Amarok.
CoolDrive Auto Parts says the entire Bremtec Brakes range is tested to the extreme to ensure an exceptional balance of performance, reliability, and comfort, with all products manufactured to exceed OE specifications.
With more than 4,000 part numbers covering over 21.5 million cars, Bremtec Brakes’ brake pad and rotor ranges offer cleaner, quieter and safer braking, says CoolDrive Auto Parts.

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