One for (almost) all

The number of vehicles with automatic transmissions or automated manual transmissions is constantly increasing.
Worldwide, two out of three registered vehicles are equipped with this technology.
Liqui Moly has developed its Dual Clutch Gear Oil 8100 precisely for this purpose.
The range of applications for this successful product is now being expanded and can be used in almost all wet dual-clutch transmissions.
It is now available in the Australian market and it suitable for 4WD applications; however, the approvals it carries are specific to each vehicle and Liqui Moly says it is always recommended to use its oil finder to confirm what lubricants are suitable for their specific needs.
“The goal was to have as much vehicle coverage as possible,” Liqui Moly Application Engineer, Reiner Schönfelder, said.
To ensure that the great advantage of this oil is retained, the German lubricant specialist is expanding its claim. In this way, it can be used in more than 90 percent of vehicles with wet-running dual-clutch transmissions on the European automotive market.
The special composition of extremely shear-stable viscosity index improvers, wear protection additives and constantly hard-wearing friction modifiers ensures excellent shifting under all conditions.
This is particularly noticeable in city traffic when the transmission is subjected to significantly higher loads than on long journeys.
A conscious decision was made to forgo a new product and instead rely on the existing one.
“The variety of lubricants is already huge. Wherever we can, we make it as simple and clear as possible for workshops and retailers,” Reiner said.
Product range reduction is the keyword. In this way, the customer saves on warehousing and ties up less capital.
Gear oil is a wearing part. As the running time increases, the shifting quality gradually decreases. This can lead to shift jolts or clutch slippage.
“Lifetime filling is obsolete,” Reiner said.
“A transmission fluid also reaches its performance peak and then it needs to be changed.”
Previously extremely time-consuming, the task of flushing and changing the lubricant in the transmission is now easier and more thorough, thanks to modern technology.
As part of its workshop solution under the designation Gear Tronic III, Liqui Moly says it offers a proven and constantly improved device for an automatic transmission fluid service including cleaning with a special additive.

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