The new Trade-Line hydraulics are available at CoolDrive Auto Parts

Bremtec Brakes says it continues to prove itself as one of the leaders in aftermarket braking products, recently introducing a new range of hydraulics which are now available through CoolDrive Auto Parts.
CoolDrive Auto Parts says the new Trade-Line hydraulics build upon Bremtec Brakes’ trusted reputation of offering reliability and high-quality brake components for efficient and safe braking.
Hydraulics play a crucial role in the functioning of a vehicle’s braking system, responsible for transferring hydraulic pressure from the brake pedal to the brake components and ensuring the application of necessary force to slow down or stop the vehicle.
CoolDrive Auto Parts explains Trade-Line hydraulics offer an OE quality solution for brake applications, and are designed to maintain consistent pressure, prevent air or fluid leaks, and enable responsive braking action.
Bremtec Brakes’ new hydraulics program offers a diverse product portfolio which includes wheel cylinders, brake master cylinders, clutch slaves, and clutch master cylinders, catering to a wide variety of automotive applications.
CoolDrive says this comprehensive selection of hydraulic components ensures workshops can find the right part for their specific needs, with the ability to find the correct fit on OSCAR, or via CoolDrive’s own BrakeBook.
The entire Bremtec Brakes range is tested to the extreme to ensure an exceptional balance of performance, reliability, and comfort, with all products manufactured to exceed OE specifications, explains the team behind the products.
Quality and durability are said to be core values of every Bremtec Brakes product, with the company implementing rigorous testing and quality control processes to meet the highest industry standards.
CoolDrive Auto Parts says this commitment to quality assurance ensures that all its products, including the new hydraulics range, deliver outstanding performance and long-lasting durability.
The team states, “with more than 4,000 part numbers covering over 21.5 million cars, Bremtec Brakes’ use of cutting-edge technology, diverse product portfolio, commitment to quality assurance and expert product team, ensures it is a trusted brand the workshop trade can rely on.”

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