hsy offers a complete range of cutting-edge tools, equipment, diagnostics, and high-quality products

In the dynamic landscape of the automotive industry, the success of a workshop hinges on its ability to adapt to evolving technologies and provide comprehensive solutions.
hsy says it has distinguished itself through its Workshop Solutions, stating it is setting a new standard for excellence in automotive workshop equipment.
“hsy’s strategic approach involves close collaboration with some of the world’s leading tools and equipment brands, ensuring our customers have access to cutting-edge tools, equipment, diagnostics, and high-quality products,” hsy Workshop Solutions Manager, Dave Kidd, said.
“This collaborative effort positions hsy at the forefront of technological innovation, allowing us to provide workshops with the tools they need to stay ahead in an industry marked by rapid advancements.
“Understanding the unique demands posed by European cars, hsy goes above and beyond in addressing these challenges.
“European vehicles often require specialised tools, advanced training, and sophisticated software for diagnostics and repairs. Recognising this, hsy is steadfast in its commitment to delivering tailored solutions that cater specifically to the intricate needs of European car maintenance.”
One of hsy’s standout features is its dedication to sourcing state-of-the-art tools and equipment, reflecting a commitment to staying ahead of the technological curve.
“By partnering with renowned brands such as Sealey, Maha, Alemlube, Liqui Moly, Hella Gutmann Solutions, Bosch, Mahle and AHCON, hsy ensures that our workshop solutions are not only reliable but also equipped with the latest advancements, setting a precedent for efficiency and accuracy in automotive repairs,” Dave said.
hsy’s commitment to cutting-edge tools is demonstrated through its exclusive rights to distribute the AHCON Wheel Trolley Easy Lift in Australia.
“Elevating itself with the aid of springs that automatically adjust in accordance with the load, this elevated Wheel Trolley is a game-changer for those seeking to minimise heavy lifting and alleviate strain on knees and backs,” Dave said.
“Designed for use with four wheels, it serves a multitude of purposes, from tyre mounting and dismounting to efficient storage at tyre racks and ergonomic transfers to tyre-changing machines.
“With a modest investment, the Wheel Trolley Easy Lift not only enhances work efficiency but also significantly improves the overall work environment when dealing with tyres.”
In addition to providing top-notch tools, hsy places a strong emphasis on knowledge transfer.
The company says it acknowledges that staying abreast of industry changes requires continuous learning and upskilling.
Consequently, hsy explains that it invests in comprehensive training programs designed to empower technicians with the expertise needed to navigate the complexities of modern automotive technology successfully.
“hsy’s Workshop Solutions stands as a beacon of innovation and commitment to excellence in the automotive workshop equipment landscape,” Dave said.
“Through strategic partnerships, a focus on technological advancements, specialised solutions for European vehicles, and a dedication to ongoing education, hsy is shaping the future of automotive workshops.”

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