The FIA has confirmed Bridgestone as the sole future tyre supplier for the championship

Bridgestone Corporation was named by the FIA at the World Motor Sport Council in Baku as the sole future tyre supplier for the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship starting in the 2026-2027 season.
Bridgestone’s selection by the FIA as the sole tyre supplier for Formula E, covering seasons 2026-2027 through 2029-2030, will be a cornerstone of the company’s sustainable global motorsports strategy.
Through such supply arrangements with the FIA, Bridgestone says it will continue to develop and refine sustainable technology and accelerate innovation to deliver value where it “produces” and “uses” tyres, and then “renews” them to raw materials.
The company’s commitment extends beyond the racetrack, aiming to contribute significantly to the realisation of a sustainable society.
​“Motorsports is Bridgestone’s passion. Always has been, and always will be. I am delighted to be able to announce our return to a FIA World Championship as we celebrate the 60th anniversary of our motorsports activities,” Bridgestone Corporation Global Chief Executive Officer and Representative Executive Officer, Shu Ishibashi, said.
“Carrying on our 60-year legacy in motorsports, we are very excited about being the FIA’s sole tyre supplier for Formula E from the 2026 -2027 season.
“Sharing the passion to race and passion to win, Bridgestone has empowered the best performance of cars, drivers, and teams in racing conditions by repeatedly taking on the ultimate challenges while ensuring safety and peace of mind based on our fundamental principle ‘tyres carry life.’
“This ‘ultimate challenge,’ as we call ‘challenge for excellence,’ is our origin as a tyre manufacturer and shaped the foundation of our premium tyre business.
“As we face our next stage, Bridgestone aims to evolve sustainable global premium motorsports products with our enduring passion to embrace the ultimate challenge and to pursue excellence in every moment.
“The core of our supply arrangement with the FIA will be the expansion and enhancement of ‘Enliten’ tyre product technology, enabling ‘ultimate customisation’ that we define our ‘new premium in the EV era.’
“I am looking forward to starting our activities in the Formula E from the 2026 – 2027 season.”

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