Heading into 2024, the tyre brand has a renewed focus on the future

Bridgestone celebrated 60 years of Bridgestone Motorsport in 2023, using marquee global events like the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, the NTT IndyCar Series and the iconic Indianapolis 500, as well as the Super GT Series, to showcase its motorsport credentials while also evolving towards a focus on sustainability in motorsport.
Bridgestone Global Chief Executive Officer, Shuichi Ishibashi, emphasises the company’s passion for motorsports as a catalyst for accelerating its transformation into a “sustainable solutions company.”
He envisions Bridgestone as not only supporting sustainable global motorsports, but also empowering individuals to achieve their best, ultimately shaping the future of mobility.
“Motorsport has always been our passion and always will be. We will support and utilise sustainable global motorsports empowered by Enliten to accelerate evolving all our operations and to become a ‘sustainable solution company,’” Shuichi said.
“Bridgestone will reinforce sustainable global motorsports activities to empower each and all to achieve their best, and be essential to the future of mobility.”
Under the banner of “Passion to Turn the World,” Bridgestone explains that its 60th-anniversary celebration has been more than just a reflection on the past. It has also been a commitment to evolve motorsports, placing sustainability at its core.
The foundation of Bridgestone’s renewed motorsport focus is the concept of a “Mobile Laboratory,” where innovation meets sustainability, shaping a future where the passion for performance converges with a commitment to a reducing impact on the environment.
Bridgestone aims to use motorsports as a testing ground for the refinement of cutting-edge technology. Over six decades of motorsport heritage, the company has developed a “Passion for Excellence” in tyre development, manufacturing, brand building, and talent nurturing.
At the forefront of this evolution is Bridgestone’s aforementioned Enliten technology, touted by Bridgestone as the “new premium in the EV era.”
Using motorsports as a proving ground, Enliten aims for “ultimate customisation” to enhance performance based on individual customer and vehicle needs.
Bridgestone envisions this technology not only pushing the limits of racing, but also transforming into the next generation of replacement tyres.
To underscore its commitment to sustainability, Bridgestone says it is driving change throughout the value chain – from tyre production to raw material renewal.
The company targets a 65 percent or higher ratio of recycled and renewable materials in its motorsports tyres and aims for the use of 100 percent renewable energy in its production plants, stating “Bridgestone is not just racing; it is racing towards a carbon-neutral future and a circular economy.”
The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge and the FIA ecoRally Cup are key events where the company is actively championing sustainable practices.
In last year’s Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, the tyre company debuted Enliten equipped tyres for their first ever competitive use, with the specially developed solar car tyres made from 63 percent recycled and renewable materials, achieving carbon neutrality in tyre logistics.
As an official partner of the FIA ecoRally Cup, Bridgestone is promoting the shift to electric vehicles with a commitment to Enliten technology for road going vehicles.
Enliten equipped tyres will also be on sale in Australia in 2025, with the launch of Bridgestone’s Duravis Van next month being the first on offer.
It was also revealed in December that Bridgestone is the future tyre supplier for the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship from the 2026-2027 season, marking a significant return for Bridgestone to an FIA World Championship after a decade and a half, showcasing its dedication to innovation throughout the value chain.
Beyond global sustainability initiatives, Bridgestone remains a prominent force in various motorsport categories.
From winning the Autobacs Super GT series in both the GT500 and GT300 categories to supporting the NTT IndyCar Series with innovative tyres using guayule-derived natural rubber, Bridgestone’s influence spans from four-wheel racing to motorcycle events.

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