The lubricant company has been recognised with a global award for the 17th straight year

Shell Lubricants has once again been named as the ‘world’s leading supplier of finished lubricants’ by Kline and Company.
“As the Shell Lubricants Macro Distributor in Australia, Viva Energy is excited that Shell Lubricant Solutions has been named the world’s leading supplier of finished lubricants for the 17th consecutive year by Kline and Company,” Viva Energy Lubricants Sales and Marketing Manager, Renee Reilly, said.
Shell has been a global leader in lubricants for the past 17 years, working directly with Global Automotive OEMs, developing a portfolio of fully approved engine oils.
Many of the Shell Helix Motor Oils are based on its innovative fully synthetic PurePlus Technology which Viva Energy explains is a revolutionary gas-to-liquid process that converts natural gas into a pure base oil with stronger molecular bonds, setting it apart from other motor oils.
The unique combination of Shell PurePlus Technology base oil with the high-performance additives (including detergents and dispersants to help clean the engine, anti-wear additives to help wear protection, and antioxidants to help combat oxidation) enables Shell Helix Ultra oils to provide long-lasting engine performance even in the most demanding conditions.
“Shell motor oil is increasingly becoming a component of the engine,” Renee said.
“Shell works closely with OEMs during the engine development process to ensure that Shell Helix motor oils are designed with their specific engines in mind.
“One of the main factors that distinguish Shell from its competition is that it develops its own motor oils which are subject to rigorous testing in special Shell technology centres.
“This sets Shell apart from manufacturers who blend their oils from different components without the benefit of their own research.”
Viva Energy Technical Specialist, Silvana Furragina, said customers often ask, “what is the difference in ‘approved’ and ‘fit-for-purpose’ motor oils?”
“You wouldn’t advise your customers to use spare parts that have never been tested in their vehicles, so why do it with oils?” Silvana says in reply.
Viva Energy explains that in simple terms, ‘approved’ means that the oil supplier has had the oil tested by independent certified test institutions and laboratories to the exact specification of the OEM, like Volkswagen, BMW or Mercedes.
If the oil supplier were to change the formula of their oil, they would then need to get the product reapproved, which is something that Shell always does, says Viva Energy. This is an expensive and time-consuming process, taking months or years to complete, but it also ensures that the oil matches the specific requirements for the engines.
‘Fit-for-purpose’ means that it might meet specifications, ie. when oil has not been formally tested and approved by the OEM. When a workshop uses a ‘fit-for-purpose’ oil, they acknowledge that the oil has not been approved and they could be liable if something goes wrong.
“There is a large variety of oil grades on the market with very specific approvals, presenting challenges to garages who can’t keep up with the sheer volume of oil grades,” Silvana said.
“The customer’s next question is often, ‘is there a one-size-fits-all solution?’ Where technically possible, Shell tries to combine multiple OEM approvals within one product.
“As such, the Shell Helix Ultra X and Shell Helix Ultra ECT ranges were designed specifically for independent workshops and covers numerous OEM approvals. They are available in many different pack sizes.”
“Viva Energy has a team of Account Managers, backed up by dedicated technical support, who can visit workshops to help potentially rationalise the number of grades you need to stock,” Renee said.
Renee encourages workshop owners to get in touch with Viva Energy, stating that “by stocking Shell Helix motor oils, workshops can be sure that they will have the right oil for the job.”

For more information, visit or contact the Technical Helpdesk of Viva Energy on 1300 134 205.