From Ironman 4×4

Alloy nudge bars are a popular addition to small SUVs; however they offer very limited protection to the vehicle.
The Ironman 4×4 Bumper Guard to suit the Subaru XV has been developed for those who really value protecting their investment.
Ironman 4×4 says its stylish tube lines add an individual style to suit the shape of your vehicle, stating this design is perfect for urban use and your weekend adventures.

Protection plus
It is common for vehicle damage to come from below, and with that in mind, the bumper guard incorporates a 2mm steel skid plate which runs deep under the vehicle offering protection for the radiator, condenser, and important surrounding areas of the engine, adding an extra element of protection.

Lights and sounds
Night driving can be greatly improved with better vehicle lighting, so Ironman 4×4 says it has ensured that the Bumper Guard allows for seamless installation of light bars, up to 32” in length.
Additionally, there is something extremely convenient and assuring about having a UHF radio for communication with other 4WDs, caravans, and truck drivers. Ironman 4×4 says that is why the Bumper Guard also features two aerial tabs, perfect for UHF and cellular aerials.

Key features and benefits:
• 2mm steel skid plate that provides bumper and engine protection
• Dual antenna and accessory mounts
• Lightbar and driving light mount
• Stylish tubular bar design contouring around the vehicle
• Powder coated for longevity
• Improve the vehicle’s appearance

For more information, visit www.ironman4x4.com