The Motor Vehicle Service and Repair Information Sharing Scheme sees Aftermarket workshops on level pegging with dealership service departments for the first time

Thanks to this Scheme, whatever service, repair, diagnostic hardware, or software a dealer accesses, so can you. This covers every vehicle and light commercial from the 1st of January 2002 to today.
So, how does this legislation potentially change how you should use information? Let’s first consider the costs. Some examples for information (full repair manuals, TSBs, all wiring diagrams etc) are below.
The currencies used are AUD, USD, and Euro so the below is converted into AUD for this comparison.
For one hour’s access: Audi $6.62, BMW $14.89, Isuzu $3, Skoda, VW $11.58. For one day’s access: Ford $33+, GM $28+, Honda $20+, Hyundai $18.50+, Kia $25+, Mazda $19.95+, Mitsubishi $35+, Nissan $49.95+, Subaru $25+, Suzuki $25.15+, Toyota $21+.
To use genuine diagnostic software (J2534) to scan the full vehicle and get all the information, for one hour’s software access you are looking at Audi $16.54, BMW $14.89, Isuzu $8, Skoda $14.89, VW $16.54. And for one day’s access it is Ford $40+, GM $78+, Mitsubishi $35+ and Toyota $50+. Toyota also offers its Techstream dealer software for $80+ per month, which is below $4 a day.
“If using genuine information or software saves you 30 minutes, it has paid for itself,” Australian Automotive Service and Repair Authority (AASRA) Executive Officer, Rodger Nardi, said.
“You bill the subscription fee to the job and then use the 30-minute gain on another job. Let’s say you save 30 minutes on one job per day – that is more than 120 hours saved per year (based on 252 working days in 2024).
“It is clear – using genuine information will result in higher year end profits.”
To view all the car companies pricing by day, month, year, visit and select ‘Automotive Websites’ from the left hand menu. You may also find the PDFs on the home page titled ‘Joining Help’ and ‘Navigation’ helpful.
Any EV or hybrid access requires an EV training certificate, and to access security (key, immobiliser, ECU, PATS etc) requires Security approval.

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