OnTime Delivery Solutions advises on how to solve these common challenges facing auto parts companies

Walter Scremin, the Chief Executive Officer of national delivery transport provider, Ontime Delivery Solutions, names the following as five delivery transport challenges which often arise for auto parts.

Staffing issues
“The best-performing fleets have enough flexibility to adjust quickly. They can access resources at short notice to cover absenteeism or unexpected peaks in demand,” said Walter, stating the best auto parts fleets achieve this by outsourcing at least some of their transport requirements to specialist providers.

Cost blowouts
There will always be unforeseen disruptions to your fleet, often when least expected.
“You can only think about monitoring and controlling costs once you’ve had an honest assessment and understand all the costs intimately. When your costs are known you can measure your efficiency. You can develop a system which can adapt, protect you from the worst, and provide a yardstick for performance,” Walter said.

Reliability during peak demand
“The best fleets prepare for the inevitable peaks, and they all have things in common,” Walter said.
“Firstly, they structure the fleet for success, they make it adaptable. Secondly, they optimise the fleet with the right technology and systems. Finally, they measure their performance and keep on top of efficiency, as this is the key to reliable performance during high stress periods.”

Even small fleets can now access tracking and proof-of-delivery, but key is how you use it every day.
“There is potential to improve your efficiency, your customer service, and lower fuel costs. But these will only be realised with a real commitment to using the technology daily,” said Walter who noted any technology must be resilient to the risk of cyber-attacks.

Consistent professionalism
The key to being consistently professional is having the right resourcing in place, including transport suppliers which can respond to your needs and make you look good.
“There is a huge difference in professionalism among different transport suppliers, and you must ensure any supplier is appropriately licenced under your state’s labour hire laws. Many companies don’t realise it is up to them to ensure outsourced providers are licensed for labour hire. It’s basic professionalism for your suppliers to have this, and if they don’t alarm bells should be ringing,” Walter said.

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