Embrace a new era of 4×4 performance with CalOffroad’s Nitro Pro suspension

Said to deliver unparalleled handling, performance and control, the Nitro Pro range has been designed, tested, and manufactured in Australia by the experts at CalOffroad.
The new range from CalOffroad is ideally suited for four-wheel-drivers seeking a suspension upgrade, a higher load carrying capacity, more comfort for touring, better 4×4 capacity, or wanting a lift of up to two inches.
Nitro Pro suspension products boast twin tube construction which allows higher oil capacity and a lower gas rate to reduce shock temperatures, and a 18mm induction hardened chromed piston rod for increased strength and to maximise durability.
The larger internal bore and diameter piston deliver increased rebound damping and damping force capabilities, with the units gas-pressurised to 60psi to reduce foaming, performance fade, and noise.
This means the shocks’ 54mm body can hold more oil at a lower gas pressure to ultimately dissipate heat faster and deliver long-lasting performance.
The full displaced valving controls rebound, but also adds to compression damping capability, which means high control forces can be achieved without high pressure inside the damper.
Damping forces are precisely controlled thanks to the slip-ring rod guide with Teflon-impregnated bronze bearing, and a T-shaped slip-ring that flows to the seal, while the two-part Epoxy coating ensures superior stone chip and corrosion resistance.
The double-bonded strut bushings with an OE-style natural rubber provides extended durability, even with high accessory loads.
The Nitro Pro shocks are also protected from dust and debris thanks to a tough polypropylene dirt shield which also reduces noise levels on stone and rocky road surfaces.
Nitro Pro offers application-specific fitments to suit vehicles exposed to varying conditions, load, and weight factors, including GVM requirements.
CalOffroad’s connection to Australia’s remote and outback destinations and its local offroad testing facility in Australia enables constant testing, continuous refinement, and development of cutting-edge products for local conditions.
With decades of experience, CalOffroad says it “stands at the forefront of 4×4 suspension systems, offering the ultimate in quality and performance.”

The new Nitro Pro range from CalOffroad is now available from all CoolDrive branches in Australia and New Zealand, and online at