Including easy to use new Trade Portal

Leading automotive battery manufacturer Century Batteries recently launched a new website, which aims to make it easier than ever for both consumers and trade customers to browse and locate products and supporting information.
Century’s website has been given an overhaul with a fresh new look and a high emphasis on mobile devices.
It has been designed with consumers at the forefront – helping them to find the right battery quickly and easily, with clear information on the features, benefits and how they compare to other tiers or product ranges.
Century’s famous ‘Battery Finder’ also features prominently, as for most consumers this is the only way they’ll find the correct battery for their vehicle, explains Century.
Once they have found the battery they need, it is easy to locate their nearest retailer with the find a retailer call to action featuring throughout their journey.
In addition, the new website will provide clearer and more in-depth information to better explain the differences between battery tiers and technology.
There’s also a dedicated ‘Battery Hub’ which contains articles, videos, FAQs, and DIY guides to help educate consumers on the importance of battery maintenance and a wide range of other topics.
But members of the trade have not been forgotten, says Century, with a special new Trade Portal created which Century says revolutionises the way trade customers access the range and lookup information.
Instead of navigating through different sections on the website to look up products, the Trade Portal provides quick and easy access to the entire Century product range in table form and on a single page.
Trade customers can easily filter the table either by keyword search, by battery category, or even CCA or Ah ratings.
The Trade Portal also contains quick links to brochures, specification sheets, safety data sheets, the returns policy, Battery Finder, and the E-Commerce Portal – making it the ultimate one-stop-shop for members of the trade, says Century.

To see the new website, go to www.centurybatteries.com.au