Available from The Ultimate Suspension

The Ultimate Suspension, which has a reputation for high-quality automotive suspension products, has expanded its product range to include HDi intercoolers and transmission coolers.
It says this expansion has seen it become a favourite among car enthusiasts and performance seekers.
An intercooler is a heat exchanger that cools down compressed air from the turbocharger or supercharger before it enters the engine’s intake manifold.
It increases air density, improving engine efficiency and performance. Effective intercooler design is complex, considering factors like flow volume, air velocity, turbo compression ratio, exhaust pressure, fin density, surface area, tank design, pipe specifications, material choice, power band, and application.
The intercooler must align with the engine’s most efficient RPM range, as excessive size may introduce turbo lag and shift the power curve, negatively impacting engine efficiency.
The Ultimate Suspension says the HDi intercoolers are designed to enhance vehicle transmission performance and longevity by effectively regulating transmission fluid temperatures, leading to improved fuel economy.
The Ultimate Suspension says this unique design is the result of over 25 years of intercooler design experience and advanced technology.
With high fin-density GT2 cores, they are said to ensure efficient heat dissipation, optimal cooling efficiency, and minimal pressure drop.
This design allows engines to operate at peak performance, resulting in reduced engine temperature, enhanced power output, improved throttle response, and increased engine efficiency across a wide RPM range.
To ensure performance and quality satisfaction, the intercooler and ATF cooler kit are rigorously tested for each selected vehicle on a Dyno and on the road before inclusion in the Ultimate Cooling System.
The Ultimate Suspension says this is a great option for enthusiasts or tradespeople looking to optimise their vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency.
Meanwhile, The Ultimate Suspension also offers HDi transmission coolers with advanced cooling technology which it says stands out due to the following key features:
• High-efficiency oil cooler: 30mm 28-rows design
• Quality AN8 fittings for reliable connections
• Braided lines for added durability
• 10mm internal diameter for optimum fluid flow
• One-piece Stainless Steel brackets for secure installation
• Stainless Steel nuts and bolts for corrosion resistance
• Billet CNC adaptors for precise fitment
• Prolongs transmission lifespan
• Minimises heat-related damage
In closing, The Ultimate Suspension says it is a trusted partner for automotive enthusiasts, providing durability through their Cooling Systems.

For more information, please visit www.ultimatesuspension.com.au