Anstel enables businesses to create a new data driven revenue stream

Connected logistics, combined with the IoT, is already making huge strides globally in the automotive aftermarket industry.
With access to vehicle data, fleet managers are monitoring and improving driver behavior, while the same data is being used to diagnose mechanical problems.

Prescriptive Analysis – Diagnostic Trouble code (DTC)
Using an on-board diagnostics device (OBD2/CAN), the fuel monitor, engine temperature, emission standards, and other parameters are monitored constantly.
In case of any trouble, it triggers an alert so the customers know immediately that the vehicle has to be taken to a mechanic for thorough scrutiny, along with repairs and replacement of parts (if required).

Real-time data and privacy
As a vehicle becomes more ‘connected’, customers have expressed concern about vehicle data being shared with third parties. But telematics shares specific data that can be used to diagnose issues with vehicles in real-time.
An alert is sent to mechanics, who can swiftly detect the cause and come up with solutions.
Reduce maintenance, insurance and other expenses
A connected vehicle compiles data about the driver’s efficiency, performance, and driving patterns. It is useful for insurance companies to derive premiums based on pay as you drive and pay how you drive. Insurers can implement risk-based targeting to reduce losses and maximise profits. For consumers, it could mean lower premiums and better risk management.

Era of digitisation
Digitisation allows quick detection of vehicle health, and promotes both preventive and predictive maintenance accordingly, thus preventing incidents on the road. Furthermore, Anstel says it has an integrated AI based Driver monitoring system and IoT (Internet of Things) sensors for real time decision making.

Promote eco-friendly driving
Since fleet managers have access to more comprehensive data, it lets them do a deep dive into driving patterns. They can check who is adhering to road safety protocols and who is indulging in dangerous driving behavior. Training modules can be created to rectify such issues. Data and smart algorithms can be used to assess safety practices and promote eco-friendly driving, too.
Anstel, based in Sydney, collaborates with telcos and other businesses to develop cost-effective and robust IoT solutions using the Autonautics platform, robust Euro-made devices that can be implemented via sensors and smart devices.
Anstel offers nation-wide coverage and 24×7 support to partners, and will also be exhibiting at Autocare at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre across the 9th and 10th of June, 2023.

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