Optimising workshop management with cloud solutions

Today’s workshops are quickly scaling up, with mechanical service workshops frequently expanding into tyre retailing, 4×4, commercial fleet, and logbook undercar work.
However, as they adopt a multi-disciplined business structure, many workshops are finding that their legacy IT infrastructure is insufficient to support their evolving functionality needs.
Workshops are looking for an agile, scalable, and customer-centric digital solution enabling a single source of control for business owners, an easy workflow for staff, and an omnichannel experience for customers.
Megabus Software says it offers this precisely, giving workshops the digital tools needed to scale rapidly and grow.
Workshops can no longer rely on siloed systems, it says, while stating that Megabus’ all-in-one workflow management solutions, including mobility, take care of both workshop and all back-office needs.
For over 40 years Megabus Software says it has been able to tailor, design, build, deliver, and support robust software solutions for this ever-changing industry.
Megabus explains that it caters to workshops in the process of scaling their businesses, evolving from generic, rigid software platforms.
Its Marlin Tyre and Mechanical Workshop Management solution is built for automotive servicing workflows and can be configured to meet most requirements.
Whether a single operation, central organisational structure with multiple branches or a franchising model with numerous businesses, Marlin can be configured according to specific needs.
A core cloud enterprise database managed by Megabus stores the information with scaling capabilities from the independent retailer and beyond.
For instance, if someone owns five independently managed regional worksites, Megabus says its software gives the owner complete control over each location.
They can consolidate accounting and performance reporting for all areas from a single platform, and its configuration features allows for the addition of new capabilities to infrastructure while equipping mechanics and technicians with tools to improve their workflow.
Further, Megabus focuses on making businesses omnichannel-ready so they can easily connect with their customers.
Right now most workshops are challenged by the ever-expanding channels of customer engagement beyond traditional brick-and-mortar retailing and in many cases resort to home grown or point solutions to meet today’s customer expectations.
Megabus says it helps clients rise above their competition with robust omnichannel capabilities while helping them find their niche in the market, stating that its team of approximately 60 staff in Australia are dedicated and focused on making the unique industry workflow easy, efficient, and cost-effective.

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